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PG Strike Freedom Gundam
September 16, 2010, 11:38 pm
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I Like the wings !!!!!

Comment by guest

Oh god!!! it very cool. But in this prototype look all detail was gone. I hope the real model will get more details.

Comment by nheuoi

Still think the chest cannon design on this is meh compared to the MG, but otherwise I like it.

Comment by ShinigamiX2

Something wrong with but it looks good tho so whatever.

Comment by K'

it looks different but in a good way

Comment by chi

and this is coming from someone who hates the CE universe

Comment by chi

I knew Katoki would lengthen the legs. Now its proportions are like Unicorn’s and Rezel’s.
1250 yen more than PG 00…..yep i expected it to at least match the price.
The mechanism parts for the dragoons look fragile, maybe prone to breaking if the dragoon is forced on.

What happened the days of PG’s that did’nt pass the 20,000 yen mark? Please Bandai give us more affordable PG next time, like the Nu or Alex.

Comment by ZR0Ver2

I dont like it being referred to as the biggest PG. Its the widest but not the biggest overall. GP01 and 00 are much bulkier.

Wait…….I can get PG RX-78 and MK-II for only 750 yen extra. Thats a bargain compared to this.

Comment by ZR0Ver2

i see clear blocks at the bottom of the feat, too heavy?

its the largest in terms of “volume”,maybe we can immerse it in water tank to see if it displace more water than GP01 and 00? yeah, the mechanism on the dragoon system looks great but looks very fragile on so many place, unless of course they use metal parts. yeah as if…

the details isn’t out yet, its hard to tell if it worth the money.seriously, PG rx-78 and Mk II is so outdated i rather buy their ver2.0 mg. yeah i miss the old days too when pg was all <20k yen. but how did you know nu will be cheaper?you dont think they will just "enlarge" the mg, do you? if that the case, do-not-want !

that's why he change some of the design. but why not the feet?

Comment by oohater

@ oohater A PG Nu would easily be cheaper than SF. Its only a mobile suit with 6 funnels and the basic equipment, its not filled with gimmicks or gold parts like the SF.

Comment by ZR0Ver2

@ ZROVer2 actually a PG Nu would be as expensive if not more expensive since the kit would be around 20% larger at least. Remember, the Nu is 23 meters tall compared to the 19 meters of the SF…..I for one am about 90% sold on this new PG…just need to see production pics…and have the yen to dollar ratio get back to a more export friendly level.

Comment by shugo

@ Shugo. How is 23m vs 19m a 20% difference in size?
The Nu is just a Gundam with 6 funnels, unlike the SF which is like a damn X-mas tree of gimmicks.

Comment by ZR0Ver2

@ ZROVer2 23/19 = 1.21 or 121% size difference, now add onto the fact that the funnels on Nu are the length of 1.5 of the dragoons on SF (scale wise) you get the 6 funnels = 9 dragoons. The Bazooka of Nu = +/- the twin beam riffles. So with that math you get the difference between a PG Nu and a PG SF…now also take into account that the weight of the MG SF is 960 grams were as the MG Nu is 1140 grams you see again that any Nu gundam kit will be larger than a SF, thus having an equal or higher cost.

Comment by shugo

yeah, nu is much bigger than SF, and its fin funnels can fold, unlike SF’s dragoon.their cost should be more or less. if they ever release a pg of nu, surely it will be like strike where they redesign and make it worthy to be called pg, mg nu is too plain. all this talking bout nu makes me sad, why bandai, why not release pg nu??

Comment by oohater

The wings are freakin’ awesome, and scary. I think i’ll wait for excahnge rates to get better before buy… >.<

Comment by EXkurogane

It’s a matter of time I think, and yeah would love to see a redesign of Nu for a modern look.

Comment by K'

The feet are a bit too big and boxy to me. Should have been a bit more tapered. Then again, fat long legs again by Katoki, though not as bad as the EW Deathscythe or ReZel

Comment by da_guy


Something as big as a gundam needs a stable base to be able to stand without falling, that is, big foots and legs.

Comment by xalrons

More pictures !!!!!

Comment by guest

Redbull gives you wings!

Comment by realgundam

Frankly, I find the new wing gimmick to be just too damn ugly. It looks like the DRAGOONs are held by a thin piece of web.

Comment by GlemtVapen

It actually looks cooler unpainted.

Comment by Tsukushi

small head, short torso, long-long leg..katoki’s body compotition very horrible

funny to see that katoki still make long leg and extra short torso, ironically majority plamo builder in japan always add something part in torso to extending it

katoki & his beecraft really can’t draw strike freedom properly

Comment by blockword

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