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[Single] Kylee – “Everlasting”
September 20, 2010, 12:00 pm
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“Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode2 The Red Comet” ending theme song.


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that was fast… still refuse to believe shes 16… LOL

Comment by Aker

Even worse than the first one. At least the first song somewhat fits even though the singer is inexperienced.

Comment by da_guy

Kylee is awesome but this song just doesn’t work for gundam and her previous work are better -_-“

Comment by Dude

Kylee is one of the most awesome artists(shit she can at least sing good english!),her older works for Xam’d where the awesome shit,but I just think that this doesn’t really fit into the anime,not that It is bad tough,It’s actually quite a good song.And as someone posted on the link,ending titles don’t have to always relate to the series.

Comment by Itamaki

It’s an ending theme. It’s like you people never heard an ending theme for a Gundam show.

Comment by Milkman Dan

“It’s an ending theme. It’s like you people never heard an ending theme for a Gundam show.”


Comment by K'

@Milkman Dan

Well as far as UC shows goes, the songs usually do have something to do with the show. Either with cheesy titular songs like Tobe! Gundam or just songs that just have some relation in lyrics and/or atmosphere at least. Unicorn so far has the least memorable songs out of any UC show I have to say, even though I can appreciate that they try to bring in newer and younger artists in general through the show.

Comment by da_guy

Yeah, that Forever Amuro ending song really much related to the 0079 series. It seemed specifically relate to Amuro’s struggle through the war, and the line “don’t look back Amuro!” really seemed to tell how Amuro should just look forward to the future and not dwell in the past. At least that’s how I took it. If anyone can tell me more about the meaning of the song, then I’d appreciate that. 🙂

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Now all we need is Unicorn’s Episode 2..
I sense with this song the ending would be a battle with the heroes winning..

Comment by DeadlySyn

doesn’t fit? it really depends on the way u look at it, look at the gundam songs these days, gundam seed’s, GDS’s, 00’s

besides there’s only 1 “theme” song, its an ova if u guys haven’t noticed, they can’t have a fast op and a slow ed

the songs isn’t that bad if u imagine the battle with sinanju and everything quiets down, song starts, and the credits roll in

Comment by >.

To those saying the song dosen’t relate, the animators are the ones who have to capture the feeling of the song.

Also the English part of the lyrics make me think of Newtypes, feeling eachother closely. So to me that captures any UC Gundam series pretty well.

Comment by iCards

“Now all we need is Unicorn’s Episode 2..
I sense with this song the ending would be a battle with the heroes winning..”

nope, the heroes will be lost and get caught.

Comment by yamu


You might as well say any random love song capture UC Gundam then. Newtypes isnt just about emo feelings you know.

Comment by da_guy

@ da_guy

Could’ve fooled me.

With the way Tomino portrayed Newtypes, even in the original series, they always sense each other, most of the time they are male and female. Scericco wouldn’t be portrayed the usual way a Newtype was portrayed becacuse of his ability to use people, Char becomes this in the movie.

Also, most of the time Newtype resonense leads to some “romantic” relationship, Kamille and Four, or “Brother/Sister” relationship, Judau and Ple (Puru).

As for every romantic song I find very few songs that actually fit UC in my opinon.

Comment by iCards

The way I look at it is this:
The animators obviously had a reason for picking the song. Once all six episodes are out, I could more accurately gauge the reasoning. But breaking it down is a little more difficult than people realize.

They (The studio) have the job of picking a song that they feel best fits the episode. In this case, the English lyrics in the song fit to what they felt the episode was saying.

Comment by lockon

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