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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector OP
September 20, 2010, 5:29 pm
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Jam Project’s new single “MAX ON” will be opening theme song for the anime Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector.

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And everything will be right, now and forever.

Comment by Yatsu From Before

Well the title seems promising,now if we could listen to the actual song..:P

Comment by Itamaki

Yeah, “MAX ON” suits Super Robot Taisen as a title, so it does sound promising, like you said. And of course, I’m glad JAM Project is singing the opening, and it’s hardly a surprise! The title sounds like it comes from them as well! JAM Project is my favourite artist! I can’t wait to hear this song and see the opening! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Let’s hope it’s as awesome as Crest of Z’s…
Well it’s JAM, so it’s not like it won’t be awesome

Comment by ed

I actually didn’t like Crest of Z’s as much as their older stuff, but both theme songs for the first animated series were great – especially Rising Force. Can’t wait to hear this one. :3

Comment by darkslime

Crest of Z’s was great as an Opening/Intro,but not that amazing as a bgm,even less in the final mission as it was always overridden by the boss’ bgm.Rocks was great,to underrated if you ask me,as was Toki O Koete.
Other than that,all JAM Project songs are great,the ones for the games even better.

Comment by Itamaki

Of course It’ll be great.As long as it’s JAM project everything is awesome.Saying that a JAM project song isn’t good is against the laws of nature.

Comment by Rockmanshii

JAM Project suck.

Comment by non conformist

Apparently, they just suck one. Which is interesting.

Comment by Datie


I agree, both openings for Divine Wars were great. Rising Force was my favourite of the two. 🙂

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

“JAM Project suck.”

Comment by shady123

some of their sounds are great, and most sucks IMO. but he great ones are really good… so it’s hit or miss with them.

Comment by realgundam

Anyone who doesnt like JAM Project would fail a man test.

Comment by Bob

Go away, Bushido Bob!

We don`t need you here anymore!

Comment by /m/ jackson

I don’t know what you guys understand with good and bad,but no It’s not hit or miss,almost all their songs are at the very least good and powerful,I understand if some of them are not as great as the others,I myself don’t like all of them too,but to say they suck is an insult to a great group who sing with heart,yes even after the lost of one member.

Comment by Itamaki

Much better than an emo or visual style band these day

Comment by amuro0093

If the new song is anywhere near the level (tempo and energy) of Transformers EVO, then I’m already sold.

Comment by waiting4og3

cool it jam project i hope it will be batter then the bgm in the game so close yet so far hope this song fast come ot i cant wait it

Comment by winstonho

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