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Gundam 00 movie: Raphael Gundam’s secret
September 22, 2010, 2:40 am
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o baby

Comment by chi


Comment by Shura

whats goin on her-..?


Comment by HeatPhoenix

It’s like a fucking tank.

Comment by Amon

That full armor is the Zabanya. Theres no real secret other than there now Fa-snpiers now.

Comment by k-dawg

i think it says “seravee gundam II” too blurry to confirm tho…

Comment by noobie

yup, you’re right. Apparently its calle Seravee II. Some movie watcher say that it did’nt have much improvement over serave…

Comment by lancelotconquista

I’m pretty that Zabanya just has binders on the shoulders. A FA Zabanya would likely be a variation. Also, where the fuck did Harute’s new parts came from?

Comment by Amon

Ditto, but it’s amusing to ponder how many
‘add-on’ will be included in these ‘upcoming’
upgrade packs.., and I still believe this ‘seravee2’
includes both modes -with the leaked-faked-seraphim-reborn arms-MS. Oh anyway!

Comment by gill at srw

Second round of kits?
Luckily I restrain myself from buying the kits this time.

Actually not much action of SeraveeII.
If the situation wasn’t that dire, Tieria wouldn’t have deploy it.

Harute’s parts look like the improvement of those in 00V.
Zabanya looks like he just carried more containers đŸ˜›

Comment by iron2000

very disappointed
= =’
luckily i didn’t buy the kit

Comment by nando

Out of pocket money saves me from 1st round kit. So lucky didn’t buy it, but what about NG1/100?

Comment by Raven

wow.. kits ? nah, i ain’t no fan of 00 series…
just gimme MG Unicorn Banshee

Comment by Sei

Please have laser legs…Please have laser legs…Please have laser legs.

Comment by jake peralta

looks better than I thought lol

Comment by greengreen

NOW I REALLY wanna see how it transforms!
the bulkieness looks more like virtue gundam
more like a seravee without the cannons like the leg cannons
image is abit rough to see

Comment by Ereos


Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Now I’m confused is the secret of Raphael’s Back Unit, an extra MS or an Armor upgrade or both. Will this be shown in the movie or is it a variation kits for upcoming models.

Comment by ZarkZeraphyZerker

Raphael’s backpack transforms into Gundam Seravee II. It’s shown in the movie for a very brief period of time before it’s destroyed… much like every other Hidden Gundam Tieria uses.

Comment by SP

you’ve missed a lot of things. they have already confirmed that it’s an MS.

hmm, i’m just wondering if they will release the harute six eyes version. that one i will definitely get.

and anyone want an ELS kit?

Comment by flamerounin


I’m wanting an ELS kit but from what little we’ve seen of the movie it may be very unlikely. Hopefully something like an assimilated GN-XIV will be released.

Comment by Eonchao


i’m with you on that, after seeing the actions scenes on the PV

Comment by flamerounin

Guess I was right about them getting new upgrades mid-movie afterall…sneaky Bandai. All bets on the new Zabanya kit having all 10 rifles?

Comment by guarayakha

Wonder if this means we’ll get to see Qan[T] Full Sabre in the movie?

Comment by jake peralta

Variations do not appear in animated media.

Comment by Amon

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