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Super Robot Wars L TGS PV (Cam)
September 23, 2010, 3:40 pm
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*TGS PV has some new cut-in animations.

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why I’m not intrested anymore?

Comment by Kaiser_sword

This game looks like its going to be one of the best DS SRW Games in terms of sprite animation quality.

I really don’t see why almost everyone in the comments for this site hate on SRW L. Its been shown they are going out of their way to make a different game from K, the original character and mech are kick ass, the gameplay mechanics from K have been improved, yet people still bash this game, what gives?

Comment by Kraker2k

I was one of the bashers,but I indeed changed my mind,after 1-2 weeks,as it really looks better than K(not the graphics perse,but the overall gaming quality)and the main is maybe one of the kind I always wanted to see in the game(I still don’t have any real information on him,maybe some other guys do).Overall I think there are less bashers than when it was first announced

Comment by Itamaki

what kinda of century is this already. srw still with no voice….bgm is so outdated man.

OG frontier for example. it has voices. now thats not so hard is it?

oh well, so this is like “just another srw game”..

@ Kaiser_sword.
I totally know what you mean man.

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

EF has a much smaller cast than an usual SRW; money and space problems would occur. Do you really want to pay 100+ dollars for a game BEFORE all the extra import costs?

Comment by Duran

i don’t understand WHY people continue biashing this game…..are you all PS3 fanboy ???….i have a PS3 to but i don’t continue to cry because the new SRW are not on that console…..ok,i wait for it ( on PS3 ) but man….it’s a game….you whant to play it ? buy it,you don’t whant to play it,don’t buy it ! but please,stop cry because is NOT on PS3……
sorry for my bad english

Comment by Index

You do know that ppl cry for PS3 SRW is because Banpresto announced a working title on it long ago right?

Comment by K'

I’m still not awestruck by the cast list, but the OG robot is definitely more awesome that it looks.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Very true!

Comment by Kagi

Yes i know it and i wait the new one for PS3 from Z but as i say i don’t cry for it and i’m happy for these on DS,i think the SRW on PS3 can be annunced after “L” release :/ we can do nothing,only wait :/

Comment by Index

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