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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector
September 23, 2010, 11:21 pm
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New mechanic art from the latest Dengeki Hobby Mag.

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My goodness. Valsione R dun look good at all but CYBASTER is way cool!!!

Comment by ???

So all the people saying things like “Angelg’s breasts are so big, they’ll totally butcher up Valsione” were all wrong huh…
They’re both pretty awesome.

Comment by Rockmanshii

Finally some decent reinvisioning of these two mechs. Its been a long time coming :)Very cool

Comment by daizengar

Cybuster by Msamai Obari himself!
Valsione is done by Kotobuki Tsukasa, who also did the Angelg design. I wonder if he will also do the Fairlion re-design seeing as they have already given him the 2 musume mecha.

Comment by Kraker2k

The Valsione looked really different, especially the legs. but overall seems okay.

Comment by hiroy_raind

Holy shit at the incredibly badass Cybuster

Reverse joint legs for Valsione is interesting

Comment by Excellen Browning

The Valsione itself is quite nice, but they butchered the Face O__o

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Cybaster seems buffup.

Valsione looks too much like a anime girl. too much.

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

Cybuster looks good and so does Valcione, and the later even manages to be tasteful. Not gonna happen since they should already have some episodes animated, but it would be nice if they fixed Angelg’s design.


Comment by Anonymous

Masaki’s Form and his friend is not acceptable, maybe they changed the Painter

Comment by GomiGomi

I hate the faces in this so much. Totally kills it for me.

Comment by françois

Man, they bishonen’d the FUCK out of Masaki >_>…

Comment by mag4

Cybuster and Valsione look really good,so does Arado and Seolla,but shizz how broken(bad) Masaki’s and Lune’s faces look..brrr

Comment by Itamaki

No one’s gonna comment on Seolla’s missing bounce???

Comment by red

Lol. Masaki and Lune looks weird.

At least Obari’s Cybuster is badass.

Comment by GlemtVapen

their eyes just make them look diffirent

Comment by Kaito28

Masaki is my fave srw OG pilot…now he looks like some kind of weird monster…

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

Wtf… Masaki =.=… NOOOOOOO! His eyes are like… And Ryune…. ARGH… First Axel, then Ryusei, then Masaki! COME ON >__<. Well at least Arado and Seolla look normal.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

I don’t like the Bishou eyes thing they’ve got going for alot of the guys, just does not suit the characters at all.

Comment by YJ

as soon as i watched the designs of masaki my heart stopped pumping

Comment by Hawke

is that you masaki??? but cybuster is FFFFF!! X3

Comment by zzz

Lune is hotter than ever. Arad looks like a kid now.

Comment by K'

Maybe something will happen to Masaki in the anime,so that he will loose his body and transfer his soul to Cybuster,at least that way we wouldn’t have to worry about one freaky looking pilot,lol.

Comment by Itamaki

Cybuster is.. well, cooler at least..
Valsione had gone to ancient China and got a pair of Lotus Feet….
Masaki is… wow, what a looong nose… are u a horse demon now ?? lol

Comment by Sei

I have to agree, Masaki looks like he came straight out of a Bishōnen manga.

they still look “bounceable” hard to tell on non moving shots. Unless I missed something then….

Comment by shonuff

We really need another PV >_>

Comment by Ray

Thats not Masaki, Thats not Masaki, Thats not Masaki, Thats not Masaki, Thats not Masaki, Thats not Masaki,Thats not Masaki,Thats not Masaki,Thats not Masaki… This must be a bad dream…

Comment by crossrakuen

Waiting for the Wildwurger and Wildfalken mecha design

Comment by Yami

Masaki looks fucking stupid (design wise). Luna looks okay I guess. The designer for Masaki is making all the characters look fucking stupid (especially Bullet and Masaki).

On the other hand, Arad and Seolla looks good. Finally some characters somewhat actually look like how they’re SUPPOSED to look like. I’m honestly surprised.

The mechs look pretty badass.

Comment by shady123

Now we all know where Angeleg’s, Lamia’s and Aya’s extra sizes came from.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

somehow cybuster head remind me to omnimon/gallantmon

ryuune/lune for me its fine
arado and seolla looks realy good

still wondering who the heck is draw masaki,bullet, and ryusei

Comment by shadowdragokill

You shitting me ??? Whoever the ass doing character design must really hate the series, i just can’t bring myself to like those damn ugly faces. God, at least those idiot faces from Divine War still recognizable
The mecha design at least for male robot was awesome, female mech has lot of changes, but while i can relate new Valsione’s change to tomboy Lune, i hate that new Angelg outright

Comment by yasulong

I like this Cybuster. It looks like its going to burst out an Akashic Buster or Cosmo Nova at any given time.

I really hate what they did to Masaki and Lune’s faces. They’re almost unrecognizable. And for some reason, Lune’s pants irk me. Too rugged perhaps?

Comment by anonymous

Cybuster and Valsione looks cool!Now Cybuster is closer to Shrouga…but…OMG!What happened to Masaki?The character designer never played SRW games?well, arado and seolla is fine at least

Comment by costriker

That Valsione looks like shit.


Valsione R isn’t in OG2.

Comment by aaaaaaa

Ryune’s face, the big portrait of her face, she looks like she’s constipating…

Comment by bt

Give me back my 90s look Valsione! It looks bulimic. also Masaki looks like a FUCKNUT!!

kudos to arad and seolla. they look nice. and also kudos to cybuster/psybuster or whatever its called.

Comment by Josh

@crossrakuen that was my first initial reaction… Then reality hit me like a lightning bolt. That’s masaki when someone wants to make him look like a bishie of the sort…

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Cybuster is looking G’ there!
but fucking hell whats with masaki look?? like some sort of okama/tranvestite
and valsione old look is so much better than this one

Comment by Ereos

[…] 9:00 am | Posted in animation, namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment SRW Hotnews has posted some character designs for Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector, including the lovely Valcione redesign, as well […]

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ah,can’t imagine if Sanger’s face will change to!
No more hot-blooded face!

Comment by grungust

and Valsione looks like Megaman somehow…

Comment by grungust

Anyone else waiting around for more SRW 1/100 kits? I’ve got Weiss Ritter, Wildfalken and Gespenst on my Wanted List.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Everyone is Ryusei for Valisone.

Comment by KingLazerman

Why does Masaki look like a frog? OTL

Comment by n

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