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More scans from this month’s hobby magazine
September 26, 2010, 2:10 am
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So Harute got his legs chopped off, Sabanya gets MORE binders, and Qan[T] Full Saber is NOT in the movie. Great. At least there’s Seravee 2.

Comment by Trans-Am Burst

So Harute got his legs chopped off? That is an interesting choice.

Comment by jake p

hoo boy,every unit has some kind of little midmovie upgrade,except the Qan[T]?That would be damn stupid..

Comment by Itamaki

@jake p
thats not the first time a gundam had booster legs and there’s Kyrios gust if I recall correctly

Comment by MaxHD2490

Personally, I feel the Full Saber pack is overkill. The upgrades to Harute and Zabanya, however, I happen to like (and for the record, Harute’s legs aren’t chopped off. Those boosters are fitted over them).

Comment by Gundam Sol

I just bought harute… so this means that there is another kit to be released that has the same runners but has added runners for the upgrades… what a stupid milking scheme…

Comment by lancelotconquista

I doubt you would feel missing much from the
upgrade, or indeed there’s upgrade coming;
like the arios GNW it doesn’t add That much
(and it does cost ‘little more’);
I don’t find the ‘full’ QT overkill though,
but that’s what some people says about 00raiser
on 00…
Still hoping for Seravee2 to get 2 modes here 🙂

Comment by gill at srw

Wonder how strong Seravee 2’s thruster guns are going to be in the movie? Hopefully something worthy of its predecessor.

Wonder how fast Harute’s upgrades will make it?


Where are the 1/100 kits?

Comment by Hanzkaz


Is getting another kit really worth those two lame feet boosters?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Never buy the first releases of new kits,they come again everytime with more upgrades..

Comment by Itamaki

There’s absolutely no evidence of a second batch of upgrades or kits so I’d refrain from making baseless assumptions. In the Harute’s case, that’s not even an upgrade, it’s a booster like those used for the Innovator suits.

Comment by Amon


If we’re lucky they might give not just the boosters, but an alternate head for the 6-eyed mode and poseable Scissor Bits. I’d say that’s a good deal.

Comment by LG

Upgrade or not,It’s an extra part to the suit,which isn’t in the basis kit,if you want it or not is not the question.
And If you look back,every 00 suit had almost at least one extra kit,one with extra parts or a full upgrade kit.
But hell what do I know.

Comment by Itamaki

Blantantly false. All the Gundam’s had at least one upgrade that was made into a kit, none of these upgrades were simply optional performance parts. No kit has ever come with the leg boosters that were used on screen more than half a dozen times and for more than half the second season. Only the Gundams had new kits, everything else had nothing.
Let’s take a look here : Quanta : No upgrade. Zabanya : Two extra binders. No actual weaponry or new parts and since the kit only has two rifles anyway… Harute : Leg boosters. Not weaponry and no suit in the previous season included any such parts. Raphael : We already knew about the backpack and that it will likely be made into a kit. As the current backpack can’t transform, this was obvious.
So why assume there will be new kits when nothing beyond the Brave’s announced November is planned? Even if they do make any new kits it will only be for next year. If you want to hold on for something that will likely never be made and for worthless accessories, be my guest.

Comment by Amon

I kind of wish that The Full Saber was in the movie. I feel that the 00 Qan is the Exia 1.5.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I don’t about you guys, but I don’t see anything interesting about the new models for 00 movie, in-fact I find the models for 00 season 2 to be way better, especially the 00 raiser which should be way more powerful than the Qan[T].

The only reason that I can think off why this movie was made in the first place is to only milk the pockets of 00 lovers.

Also the fact that they made the 1/144 scale kits before the 1/100 scale kits just proves that Bandai is after the money because who ever cant wait for the 1/100 scale kits to come out will definitely buy the 1/144 scale kits.

Comment by TheSpoiler

I like everything here. Seravee II is looking pretty cool. And Zabanya is giving heavyarms a good run for his money.

Comment by InjuredPelican


and they release mg 1st instead of the 1/100 ng since mg is more exp! many would settle with 1/100 ng but now they have no choice! of course they can wait…

Comment by oohater

Wonder if Zabanya’s missles are a one time only thing or if they can be fired constantly like Heavyarms?



Remember the astrea addon for exia from hj (or dengeki, i don’t remember) or the 7 swords (no /G, just 7 swords) addon for 00 gundam? Eventually they’ve been made into bandai kits… So eventually, Full Saber here will eventually built into a bandai kit… then there’s the widespread rumor about kyrios gust, nadleeh akwos and dynames’ sub-stratospheric riffle or dynames torpedo to be re-hashed in the 00 hg gunpla queue…I think the reason they are milking fans is because they are loosing too much money on TT Hongli…

Comment by lancelotconquista

@all whos asking that new harute:
It is reminiscent of the design of Kyrios Gust… The legs are inside the containers, it is not chopped off…

@Freedom Gundam: It is definitely not 1.5 Exia… since Setsuna cannot handle the pressure of quantum brainwave attacks from ELS, they’ve put a small part of Veda inside 00 Qan[T]…

@Amon: they could release those Braves, Seravee II, then GNXIV, Then Harute Gust (let’s name it Harute Gust, i’m tired of calling it “that Harute”…), then a Zabanya rehash, which is this time, all pickfence bits hold GN Riffle bits (hopefully), Gadelaza, (so that they can milk fans which suffered from GN Arms madness, or me),then 00 Qan[T] Full Saber (since it took a long time to rehash magazine 7S to bandai 7S/G)… then rehash of S1 gundam MSV’s, then, since there’s a new 00I, they might release thos AriosAscalon, Cherudim Saga, GRM Gundam (was planned, but Astrea Type F was prioritized accdg. to my connections) then the Seravee 3g…. then it’s not finished, since they will reproduce stupid rehashes of Krung Threp MS and Fereshte MS, and also black versions of Fereshte MS… what a milking scheme…

Comment by lancelotconquista

As for HGUCFCAW line up…(just a hunch)

Sinanju… then that Custom GOUF and X Divider… after that is FAZZ, then Gundam DX, after that is Ez-8(since there is no Ez-8 yet)…then FC Master/Nobel/Shining…back to UC, with that another Angelo Sauper MS with claws…

Comment by lancelotconquista

also, remember that these MS have trans-am modes… so, you get more milked by Bandai…

Comment by lancelotconquista

and remember Mr Ka. and his magic for milking…

(wow, i do get post happy these days…)

Comment by lancelotconquista


i think of the same thing too that it is more powerful though i still prefer 00q over 00r.

well not everyone is collecting 1/100 ng and most of my collection are 1/144 hgs and some mgs. but then again maybe just maybe they’re going to release the 1/100 ngs as well who knows.

Comment by XX


00Q is more powerful than 00R
1)Veda is inside it
2)Quantum System>Raiser System, since 2 drives are connected physically, there’s no need for trans-am burst. Everytime those drives physically connect Setsuna can subconsciously communicate with the people around him
3)New seven swords system (6xGN fangs (come of it can function as daggers + 1 GN Sword V)

Comment by lancelotconquista

IMO, the Gundam designs for S2 are terrible (actually most S2 mecha designs are terrible, with the exception of the GNZ series which is sexy as hell). There was a rumor that the designs were heavily watered-down (simplified/made ‘boxier’) in order to bring the cost of manufacturing the S2 Gundams’ model kit incarnations down. Whether that was actually the case or not doesn’t matter because the S2 Gundams came across as bland and boring. Now, I’m not saying that I could’ve done better but to me it seemed that the fresh take on Gundam brought by the S1 designs was almost, if not, completely lost in S2. Sure, they looked great when animated but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of originality and good execution. I think of the movie designs as an attempt to go back to that ‘edginess’, to go back to 00’s mecha design roots. 00Q, Seravee II (same concept as the Seravee but well executed this time), and Harute are definite winners. I’m holding judgement on Raphael and Zabanya. Don’t h8, just my ‘2 cents’. Oh and about the model kits it doesn’t hurt to wait for any possible variations/add-ons.

Comment by informationInnovation

Wonder if Harute’s new legs have weapons?


I assume that only a small portion of us actually saw the movie, so most of us haven’t seen the capabilities of the new mobile suits yet. According to Lancelot, a part of Veda is in the 00 Gundam Qan(T) and the fact that the 2 drives are directly connected to each other, so that means they’re isn’t anymore need for the 00 Raiser. If that is the case, the 00 Raiser is indeed outdated.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

maybe… but i those are just mere GN Thrusts, similar to braves… but hey, remember GN Scissor bits? Maybe there are more in there…

Comment by lancelotconquista

Why the heck HG 00Qan[T] full saber will be produced as a complete bandai kit?

“Marina is now a blind old woman and Setsuna, presumably now an ELS himself came to visit her, fulfilling his promise to see each other once more and stating that he is glad that he could finally understand Marina’s message of peace. Outside of the house, a upgraded 00 Qan[T] stands, emittting GN Particles in a angelic fashion. The movie then ends with the following quote from world renowned physicist Albert Einstein.

Comment by lancelotconquista

Im looking forward to Harute Gust making it to the 1/144 scale. And nothing else after that. =)

Comment by Raisha

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