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New Robot Damashii Jan-Feb 2011
October 2, 2010, 8:08 pm
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Robot Damashii <Side MS> Destiny Gundam – January, 4,410 yen

Robot Damashii <Side HM> L-Gaim Mk. II – January, 6,090 yen

Robot Damashii <Side HM> L-Gaim Mk. I – February, 4,725 yen


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I’m counting on you for any new updates about l-gaim after NK’s blog shutting down

Comment by Maichel

No cable for l-gaim ?

Comment by Maichel

The king is dead, ALL HAIL THE KING!

Comment by HeatPhoenix

But i’m waiting for that SEED-Destiny Meteor (the one with strike freedom)… looks delicious… and also the Mordred for Code Geass

Comment by lancelotconquista

Wished Bandai still produce their recent 1/100 L-Gaim MkII kit

Comment by Yami

No release date on RD Laevatein? Man, I hope it doesn’t end up as some Tamashii Web limited.

Comment by rd

I really hate the Robot Damashii. Poor quality, low detail, looks plasticy, but it’s completely replaced the Fix Figuration stuff on the shelves

Comment by Kat

RD Bonta-kun seems fine to me, the design is on the simplistic side, though.

Comment by guarayakha

company of Robot Damashii can’t live without cancellation of some basic items they Will be subjected to Angina pectoris or falling into the abyss if they make complete figure this time they chose to cancel cable of l-gaim

Comment by henry

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you about the poor quality. While I will say, my new Turn A RD does look a little too much like plastic (which it is) that is something that can be largely attributed to its coloration – a stark white without heavy panel lining. However, we should consider that these are toys, and are therefore not to be held to the same standards as a model kit (which, it should be noted, also look very plastic-like until they’ve been painted and panel lined) so I think the plastic-like look of some RD toys is an acceptable trade off for the really great articulation and durability most of them have. Just take a look at the Evangelion figures, for instance. I hope I haven’t come across as a jerk or anything, but I really enjoy my new RD (I wish they’d had these things around when I was a kid) and I think they’re probably the best action figures on the market right now outside of their sister brand SH Figuarts.

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

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