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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector OP/ED
October 2, 2010, 12:27 am
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Here are some screenshots from Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector OP.

Here are some screenshots from Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector ED.

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Comment by lolicon

So much fanservice…..

Comment by Greg

W T F ?

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

WTF for me as well.

Comment by BrianGeneral

ok….so lots of Bounces.

Whats “NEW”.?

Comment by 8SRWFANb0y

The ending is here :

Comment by Otak

Hope the actual anime won’t be this severe

Comment by Yami

Just find the op, enjoy 🙂

Comment by Otak

a not relates Q that i have no idea where to post: are there any srw games at the jp psn?

Comment by leon

kusuha~~ ❤

Comment by Amuro

when the chara is being animated they dont look very weird(especialy ryusei)
alfimi going very2 moe on OP

Comment by Shadowdragokill

In OP …SRX scene…= Gravion …

Comment by anon

I could definitely say now that this will be an infinite times a lot better than that shitty Divine Wars. Better character animation and no 3D.


Comment by GlemtVapen

thats why I want a normal srw not og..

Comment by Banjo

that’s why I want a srw og not normal srw..

Comment by Amuro

o.o *nosebleed*

lol but yeah cant wait to see Soulgain vs Alteisen

Comment by Shishca

^ LOL I like how the blog site had to grab a screenshot of Seolla in a distorted boob shake.

And Mai’s got boobs YAY!

Comment by Aldotsk

FUCK YEAH is all I can think of for now.

Comment by rockmanshii

The opening is so awesome! I love the song, especially the chorus! I haven’t seen the ending yet, but from the preview images, it looks like it has awesome fanservice! I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome! I’ll watch it later! Man, Ryusei looks so awesome! He looks much better when he’s animated, compared to his design in one of the previous scans! Same goes for other characters! But I had to talk about Ryusei, because he’s my favourite SRW original character!

Too bad he only appears at the end of the opening though.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

wow ending is awesome I don’t care if we can call it anime or other thing but it’ll be my favorite show!!

Comment by paskin

That was fucking awesome, can’t wait for this show!

Also, why does it say “FUCK” on the Alt’s start-up screen? lol

Comment by Ezero8

^I already said this in the comments for the YouTube video of the opening, but I think it’s supposed to be saying “full check” on the Alt Eisen’s display screen in the beginning of the opening. But the words get shown one at a time, and the transition from “full” to “check” is in that style that changes the letters of “full” to the letters of “check”, one at a time. So I guess “fuck” came from half of “full” and half of “check”, and “heck” is seen because the “c” was not fully on the screen, as the letters roll up.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Or he activates his fuck up mode,lol 😛
Whatever,awesome opening is awesome,super sexy action and Ryusei looked as we all know and love him.And the ending is the best thing I have seen in the past 2 months,and lol at random perverted dog.

Comment by Itamaki

Ahh…that makes sense. I could see the “heck” that’s supposed to be “check” on the lower right since it shows up on the left completely. Still, its kinda funny.

Comment by Ezero8

Yeah it is lol. And lol at “fuck up mode” Itamaki!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I don’t need to watch the anime ending is enough to me

Comment by BOBBY

someone noticed that there is no Ibis?

and its true… SRX scene = Gravion

Comment by D4rKov4

No Ibis and Masaki. But the opening and ending looks awesome!

Comment by amuro0093

The actual characters look a LOT better in the anime than in the actual concept art (good example is Lamia and Aya).

So far I’m impressed. I have high expectations as long as the animation (especially the fights) are top notch.

Comment by shady123

The first episode was awesome, just saw it raw. I was absolutely shocked by the first scene (in a good way). SRX in the OP = Gunbuster/Gravion

And we knew this level of fanservice was coming…considering the artist for the series.

Comment by Neueisen

Talking about a totally awesome first episode… Especially the first and last battles…

Comment by Virgo

When you have Obari on staff, you can expect one or two things

A) Awesome mecha
B) Fanservice at least, hentai at most.

Comment by Duran

I was surprised by the first scene too, all that blood ! But I don’t know if you noticed it but it’s the Alteisen Nacht.

Comment by Vinh9999

I seriously love the SRX Emblem appearing during VARIABLE FORMATION in the OP.

Comment by DukeZero

Episode 1 Seen.

Fucking awesome

Comment by Gryphus

Episode 1 starts epic. Beowulf even uses Voltekka!
Also the ending is just great, it has healthy amount of Latooni and Leona. My two favourites.

Comment by Ertre

Holy shit! That was THE most awesome 1st episode of a mecha series I have seen in a long time.

Animation was top-notch all-around and I’m glad the characters look much better than the design sketches.

I think I understand the need for all the fanservice at the ED now. Watching it helps to calm you down after the hotblooded-ness of the episode.

Comment by Ezero8

The OP is just all sorts of ridiculously hotblooded musical p0rn.

JAM Project never fails to deliver.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Boy I so hope that the fight at the beginning is a spoiler to what comes next in OG3,because I so want that monster Alteisen!

Comment by Itamaki

Hell ya, that was a kick ass OP and a bad ass ED 😉

I hope we get good subbers to do this show.

Comment by daizengar

Nice, now i’ll wait for some doujin

Comment by Agol

I love the voice of Alex Almer !

Comment by Vinh9999

Isn’t it subbed yet?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

“Rein Gespenst Mk-III” anyone?

Comment by Virgo

The Einst Beowulf transformation reminded me of Tekkaman Evil

Comment by Cyers

@ Cyers There’s a possibility that was intentional considering Morikawa’s affiliation.

Comment by Neueisen

i like the op but the ed is not good at all they schould let jam project also sing the ed too

Comment by winston ho

Watched the first episode yesterday! It’s so awesome! I loved the battles that were in there, especially the Axel VS Beowulf one! Looking forward to the next episode! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

That’s one lucky little dog in the ED.

Comment by Tsukushi

can anyone find me a clear image of the monster Beowulf transformed into, it looked Awesome 😀

Comment by daizengar

Yeah, it really looked awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

It looked scary, too! But I guess that’s what it was supposed to be!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

this anime will spawn hentai…

Comment by gatsby

Well SRW lacks some serious H-Doujin,I would appreciate it.

Comment by Itamaki

@ Itamaki: I wouldn’t, I like to keep my robots and my H separate thank you very much.

Comment by daizengar

No Ibis?Just because she stuck in between loli-adult class,not fair mah boi….

Comment by harkinian

alteisen riese!!!!!!!GET THEM ALL!!!

Comment by kyosuke

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