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October 4, 2010, 7:58 pm
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[Comments] Terada mention about SRW 20th anniversary in 2011

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Wow! Nice one! I’m really interested about what Terada is saying about SRW 20th anniversary!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

translated from google:

“01 times of

Comments from the producer and director Masaki Terada Takanobu Hiroshi Tiyou
Directed by Masaki Hiroshi Tiyou

I was a fan of the original Super Robot Wars game, and I’m very happy to become a director of this work.

This time, mechanical design character, as you can get your favorite actor, and designed for animation.
Mechanical action is also taken as well as 3D animation, directing our thinking about how you can be an effective combination. Iemasu hybrid works exactly.
The mechanism of the world who work a variety of sized (20m and 50m, etc.) to live together, so with the awareness of how to move heavy sticks and texture.

And directing debut of the characters and mecha are focusing in particular.
The character and appearance of the mechanical fan like everyone, please look forward to it all means.

Staff, “Super Robot LOVE” I’m burning!
Supporters, thank you! ! !
Terada Takanobu Producer
Next year (2011), the birth anniversary of Super Robot Wars 20.
We are currently promoting a plan for it in various ways, as a part of this “Super Robot Wars OG Inspector” on page launched.
Directed by Masaki Hiroshi Tiyou below, so you for the work involved with the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff people, I will work to fun but hard.
Until now last, but fierce battle that unfolds is the fight I want to work hard with you the staff and cast.”

i dont see anything interesting on this comments =(

Comment by katsumotto

The only interesting thing I can see here is the mentioning of the 20th anniversary,which could mean that next year some good shit will happen

Comment by Itamaki

An SRW game for the PS3 in 2011 would be the best way to go, or make that 2 SRW games on the PS3 (OG3 and something completely new)

Comment by daizengar

Indeed that would be nice,as an anniversary,they publish two instead of one big game

Comment by Itamaki

Well I’m hoping it will be OG3 over a normal one. The main story of OG hasn’t been continued for a long time.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

long way to go then..

Comment by Banjo

I’m not sure anyone notice this but I’m bit unsure with the Huckebeins (I did play OG2 with the inspector part of the story) but are we going to be seeing Huckebein MK II Ms for most of the anime?

Comment by MaxHD2490

OG 3 !!!!

Comment by srw4ever

SRW OVA came out to promote OG2 on the GBA
SRW DW came out to promote OGs on the PS2(Also 15th anniversary)
SRW IN will be tied into the release of OG3.

Comment by Kraker2k

Oh true haven’t seen that!

Comment by Itamaki

I for one would like them to release OG3 (if there is one) on the PS2 (doesn’t own PS3) :p

Comment by BerserkerMecha

PS2 games are not made anymore.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Actually they are,just multiplatform titles and the such,but still

Comment by Itamaki

Really? Can you give me some examples?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Nothing worth the time,just the standard sport game releases and such.though I don’t know how it is in Japan,maybe there are more PS2 releases,or maybe none at all.

Comment by Itamaki

I hope they make OG3 for 3DS since the first 2 started out on portables.

Comment by Ezero8


Ah, I see. Well, thanks for letting me know.


I won’t mind if that happens. It’s either OG3 on PS3 or 3DS. Nothing worse. If it will be on a portable, then I would prefer it to be on 3DS than PSP, because it apparently has better graphics if I remember correctly, and it’s an opportunity to show awesome 3D effects for the first time in a SRW game. I can already imagine it! As long as it won’t be on the DS, then I’ll be fine. I won’t mind if it ends up being on the PSP, as it didn’t have a new SRW in a while, but the best portable that it can be on is the 3DS I guess. But of course, I would prefer it to be on the PS3.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@Itamaki @KamenRiderShinzo

i believe they will drop PS2 for now, look at gundam musou 3, it will be released PS3 and XBOX only, no more ps2, at least it seems so, maybe they are dropping ps2 focus, maybe not, lets see what happens…, i just hope they wont release the same SRW for PS2 and PS3…, since they would nerf as hell for suit ps2 architeture…

Comment by katsumotto

@SDBZ, I really hope OG and Z stay on console. I don’t mind if they make another stand alone games (such as A, R, D, J, W, K, L) on 3DS though.

Comment by amuro0093

Lol, why are you using my GameFAQs name, Mutsu_Kenichi? But yeah, OG and Z staying on console would be good. However, if OG3 ends up being on 3DS and looking really good, then I wouldn’t mind too much for it not being on the PS3. At least it wouldn’t be on the DS. That portable has received too many SRW games.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

OG3 on PS3 is fine..on XBoX is fine…3DS is fine..aslong there’s still some great mechs in it…MAYBE people from Endless Frontier will come…or MAYBE there’s SRW D and J protagonist are in that…and also MAYBE Vindel & Gilliam will come back with a new type of System XN and they’re the enemy in OJ3…

it’s just something that I thought…so don’t mind if i’m dreaming to much…

Comment by Kyosuke_Nanbu_from_daitrombe

Hope they remark F or 4 instead of making crap OG3

Comment by mr.Homs

@Kamenridershinzo, lol forgive me. I completely forgot about where we are.

Comment by amuro0093


Part of your statement is incorrect.

OG2 came out before OG OVA’s first episode by a good three months. The OVA’s subsequent two episodes were released later throughout the year. The OVA couldn’t had possibly been used as a promotional tool for OG2 seeing as how most Japanese fans would have purchased the game within the first month of the game’s release.

Comment by waiting4og3

No problem with the 3DS,but only when it has voices,if not I’m going to rage like shit,if it happens.

Comment by Itamaki

well,they should replace the old 2d sprites with moar realistic looking 3d models plus special effects,blur etc.and it’ll be more awesome if they use real scale model instead of SD.But can you imagine…certain attacks involve lifting enemy…such as revolver stake,just imagine how the hell can Alteisen ‘lift’ Stern Regisseur with it’s one arm…

Comment by Captain Bosch


Lol, it’s okay. I wasn’t being mad at you.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@Captain Bosh
True that would be unrealistic,but great at the same time,I always wished for a SRW where you actually can see a height difference

Comment by Itamaki

2D PS3 game = not worth it

Anything on PS3 should be uber 3D. I still, however, prefer 2D graphics for my SRW, so PS2 FTW.

Comment by R

ps2 ps3 wii all good, anything!

Comment by Banjo

any srw game i ll buy it for sure what if compitalble kaiser there in OG3 damnnn i ll buy it but AC3 didnt add compitalble kaiser INSTEAD of the weak ART-1

Comment by KAISER

Come one, somebody translate that OGs for ps2. That would be dream come to true.

Comment by Crimson Cloud

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