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Gundam 00 Movie ‘A Wakening Of The Trailblazer’ special battle scene PV
October 6, 2010, 3:15 pm
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I’m so impatient of seeing it !

Comment by Vinh9999


Comment by warning

download link plz

Comment by warning

NYCC! Hell yea!

Comment by Aldotsk

OMG!! awesome!!! next year on dvd & bluray…..the pain & suffering,,for waiting,,,,cam rip?? if possible

Comment by zmil

dvd when D=

Comment by Espada

It looks so awesome! Can’t wait to watch the movie! Hurry up home release!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

TRANS ARM….wooooW thats the maximum firing so much damn bigger than firing Gundam X n Gundam Wings hihihi…awesome!!!

Mobile suit lockon stratos not bad…that improve 500% from system dragoon hehehe sure can beat gundam strike freedoom n legend…

Comment by Oyakata Freedoom

when is it coming out?

Comment by yy1105

Eesh, that movie was terrible guys. Terrible.

Comment by Kat

your one of those Gundam Seed fans are you?

Comment by MaxHD2490

Truly,no one asked about your opinion.

Comment by Itamaki

ga those funnels are like the liquid terminators :O

Comment by k-dawg

We understand you even you find the movie terrible. Respect & peace.

Comment by lol

It’s certainly different from the mech fighting mech hot bloodness. I didn’t expect “that” to the enemy and probably prefer something else, however the whole point of Aeolia plan was to get earth ready for the Dialogues to come. To fit with the sense that GN particles help create understanding and show it to the fullest, I agree with the directors direction.

Still I heard there was some plot transition problems and things… but I’m not one to judge until I see it. And if there were, I hope we get a Director’s Cut where those problems are fixed lol.

Comment by Sora no Kaze


Why are you so narrow minded and cannot accept other opinions? Just because he doesn’t like the 00 movie, he must be a SEED fan? Kid, go back to school. No one asked for your opinion too, itamaki. You still wasted the comment space amirite. So what’s wrong with mar giving his opinion.

The action seems to be awesome, but we still don’t know how the character and plot is handled lol
Waiting for BR xD hope it doesn’t disappoint…

Comment by greengreen

yeah first gundam ever, that doesn’t have big boss enemy
just single cell idiot alien that will stop attack you if you just speak to it
that ELF need psychiatrist better than new planet

no wonder this movie difficult to get success like fullmetal alchemist shambala

Comment by track22


Dude… you wanted Setsuna to fight Zombie Alien Ribbons in a zombie alien mobile suit for the last fight?

How unoriginal. =_=’

Comment by iflameu


How stupid narrow minded are you? So if he doesn’t like the 00 movie, he’s a SEED fan? Kid, go back to school. No one asked for you opinion either, itamaki, but you still wasted the comment space amirite? So what’s wrong with kat saying his opinion here?

The action seems to be awesome, but I have’t seen the movie yet so I dunno how they handle the plot and characters..
Waiting for BR xD

Comment by greengreen

no fair! japan people watch this now, oversea people next year ,,,arh!!! why not they dont make it an international movie!!!….

Comment by zmil

“Dude… you wanted Setsuna to fight Zombie Alien Ribbons in a zombie alien mobile suit for the last fight?”

are that all of idea your brain can processed?

Comment by track22


Let’s hear your thoughts, then.

Comment by iflameu

CMON, say this with ur heart…

aaaaaaaaaarggggggggggghhhhhhhh…. (u will understand setsuna!)
lets hope

Comment by IAI

can’t really wait to see this movie in home video, got to wait for six months though.

btw, the above comment bashing brouhaha is one of the reasons ngee khiong has shut down, hope that doesn’t happen to srw.

Comment by flamerounin


Not likely, with the greatest offender, c:v, not being here. Besides, you want a flame…

…that’s a blazing fire. No offense, but Ngee Khiong is like the squeaky-clean restaurant down the street, and SRWHotnews is more of like an open-air food center. I’m not happy that his blog had to go, but it’s his blog, not mine.

I am but merely interested in how track22 would imagine his preferred ending, since the movie’s entire plot point and main tagline of “Peace through understanding” clearly isn’t his preferred ending.

Comment by iflameu

NK is squeaky clean only after it got rid of CV [b]AND[/b] the comment/chat functions though.

Comment by guarayakha


I’m sorry for adding in the comment bashing, but it really annoyed me that MaxHD and itamaki could be so narrow minded about opinions..

to quote him, ”
your one of those Gundam Seed fans are you?”

That is one of the attitudes of people that made NK so disappointed in the community.

Comment by greengreen

It’s the bad rep of SEED fanboys and a person’s general tendecy to assume combined together.

I have to admit, I had the first impression that Kat was a SEED fan as well.

Comment by iflameu

dont feed the trolls

Comment by Espada

Guys, the movie is quite controversial so don’t be surprised of people being upset with the movie.

Comment by mlmonster

“Peace through understanding” clearly isn’t his preferred ending

how naive
you just believe that? well of course is the enemy just single cell idiot alien

to be certain, there is no Zombie Alien Ribbons ,zombie alien mobile in my mind, why must zombie ???

Comment by track22


You still haven’t said exactly how your ideal end should be like…

… so I assume you wanted a movie ending where Setsuna screams “FUCKING ALIENS” and blows all 40 billion of them up while Starship Trooper soundtracks play in the background, and then he says something like “Time for the rise of the Human Empire” and plants the EFA flag on the ELS planet-ship?

The zombie alien mobile suits are made out of ELS, likewise the Ribbons in the movie was made out of ELS using a Ribbons Innovade body, if I’m not supposed to call it a Zombie Ribbons, then do I call it Spongebob instead?

Comment by iflameu

Not likely, with the greatest offender, c:v, not being here. Besides, you want a flame…

after saw that..
are auriga and you same person?
because strange to see how you act as his protector, you are like boxing spectator that flare up just because saw other fighting

you realy like feeding trolls don’t ya?

that not something you can proud of!!
just ignore troll, and we are all get peace

Comment by merumeru


Different people.

Comment by iflameu


why terrible?u watched that movie?so dont judge by little preview hahaha LOL…

like resident evil after life;p trailer woooW but the movie lame ooooOh so terrible hihihi…watever…that movie coming out based on comic;p

Comment by Oyakata Freedoom

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