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October 6, 2010, 9:02 am
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Super Robot Wars L (NDS)


Gundam Musou 3 (PS3/Xbox 360)

Macross Frontier ~The False Diva~ Hybrid Pack (PS3)

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That new mech (Streybird i think) looks really cool, i hope they join the player’s side at least by mid-game

mmm maybe the MC upgrade will be these two combining, but i don’t really see how…

by the way, someone can translate the name of the guy? i think the girl (also an android) is “HL-0 Haruno”

Comment by Masaru

The Black mecha from SRW L kinda remind me of Blood Ark though probably due to its color scheme

Comment by Yami

i hope we can actually choose between reals and supers in this game. no more one character bs

Comment by red

I really don’t get the trend where the rival male character has to look cooler than the main male lead character, and the rival female character has to look hotter than a the female lead character.

Comment by Naz

Actual rival mech is called “Straybird” and yes: the rival and his mech look better than the hero. Although I prefer Alice’s “cute sexy style” rather than Haruno’s “cool beauty style”

Comment by GlemtVapen

Aww man… i can’t wait.

I need a new SRW fix 😛

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

@Naz: They wouldn’t be worthy rivals if they were inferior to the main characters in every aspect. Especially since you and I both know we’re probably going to defeat them by pounding them into the far side of the moon before they’ll join us.

The new people look like Lyle Dylandy (or an emo Raul Guredan) and a redheaded Setsuko… the Streybrid, a smooth-blended fusion of the Astranagant, Shurouga and Mironga, with a slice of Destiny as topping. It needs a bloody tears attack. :>

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

original protagonist’s mecha is written as ‘RaShiShuBaDo’, how to read it exactly in English? is it ‘RacistBird’?

Comment by MukaMuPantatKu


Hmm… it rather looks like that says “RushBird”.

Comment by zemzelett

Wow look so cool your right about him looking look like lockon from gundam OO

Comment by Kagi


Zemzelett is right. A correct romanization would be RASSHUBAADO (clearly Rushbird). Between RA and SHU there is a “little TSU”, not a “SHI”, and that means “next consonant is written twice” (there is a little “stop” in pronunciation). Also, between BA and DO there is “-“, that means “previous vowel is written twice” (that vowel gets prolonged in pronunciation).

I hope that explanation helps you, since you seem to be learning how to read these stuff.

Sorry about my english.

Comment by Virgo

Damn yes,this is going to be better and better!
The black mech and It’s pilots look awesome,hope there are some good events involving the OGs

Comment by Itamaki


I know what you did there.. xD
You trying to hint something racist don’t you?
Rushbird = White ; StrayBird = Black

and lolz with you name.. I know what its mean.. xD

Comment by nowheretogo

What does it mean?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

It means ‘your face, my ass’.

Comment by amuro0093

@Virgo thanks, you really helped me here, well as you can see i’m trying to learn reading katakana atm.

@nowheretogo well i didn’t try to be racist at first, but you got the point, the antagonist’s mecha is black while the protagonist’s mecha is white, but it’s common for using dark color for antagonists, i think the new pokemon games is even more racist(it’s black and white!), also i’m sorry for using such a rude name, well as you can see i’m Indonesian

Comment by MukaMuPantatKu

everytime i see the MC i think of a grown up Renton from Eureka 7……

Comment by shonuff

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