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1/144 Yaldabaoth from Dengeki Hobby Mag
October 7, 2010, 5:14 pm
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Anyone else rather have a Folka action figure/model? .__.

Comment by ed

I rather have Soulgain.

Comment by K'

Soulgain or Vaisaga,or both.
Yaldabaoths arms look so plain and I don’t know if he is that posable.

Comment by Itamaki

Will get this if Soulgain were to be released otherwise i won’t get this one.

Comment by Yami

It still looks cool but its posable seem to be somewhat very limited.

Comment by K'

@ Yami
i couldnt agree more, i really need a soulgain

Comment by cannonfodder4000

@Itamaki and K’

This kit’s pretty dang poseable. I’d say it’s almost as poseable as the HG 1/144 0 Gundam.

Comment by Nyanerius

If that’s true I might buy this one.

Comment by Itamaki

Did anybody even like the in-game design of this guy? seriously he’s cheesy and ugly. I have been looking forward for the next dengeki action figure, hoping it’s be a soulgain or vaisage, or even the upgraded version of weibter (or whatever she was called). But no…:( at least they’re still making them, hope they improved quality at this time around.

Comment by Ekove

oh wait, that’s not an action figure, it’s an assembled kit, now it’s a 100% pass. I guess they did really stop making the action figures 😦 they should seriously make a deal with revoltech and they’re good to go.

Comment by Ekove

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