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October 8, 2010, 9:46 am
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Yunagi Graife: Graife’s grandson, an 18 year old.

HL-O Haruno: an android created by doctor Graife.

Straybird: a Super Robot created by doctor Graife


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Yup, Yunagi is Lyle Dylandy and Haruno is redhead Setsuko. XD

It’s been a while since we had a anti-hero-type mech. Mmm… Straybird is evil win. :d

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Hmm…this looks interesting, makes me want to play L now. Before, L didn’t seem interesting since they recycled alot of series from K. I liked K and using the Zoids and Fafner units, sad to see they didn’t make it back.

Comment by Ezero8

…Honestly, just by seeing antagonist originals want me to get this game and take back all the bad words I made about this game.

Comment by Aldotsk

Yunagi soo cool, i wish he will be playble as main character

Comment by Jollaz

Straybird looks like a revised Flag.

Comment by Tappei

@Sgt. NoOb
My thoughts exactly.

Comment by Itamaki

I have a feeling that Rushbird’s upgrade is a gattai with Straybird. Straybird’s design implied a transformation capability

Comment by Rekkou

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That would be just like k having two modes.
I can see a white/black mecha.

Comment by Kagi

Combination upgrades were in W and K already,It would be a bit boring if it happens here too,but I can see it coming.
I would like,to see them turning Rushbirds upgrade into something like GaoGaiGar or other mechs,which combine with smaller vehicles,into one big bad machine.
Well in the end I’m happy either way as long as it is not going to be the same as Z,

Comment by Itamaki

Its animation remind me a lot of Virouga

Comment by yasulong

… Anyone else notice it does a Kururugi Quad-Harken Special in the attack sequence?

Oh boy this is going to be so awesome.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

nice but there s similarities between the robot vamp in Z and L

Comment by KAISER

they don’t look evil

Comment by Banjo

Hmm Straybird reminds of Shurouga for some reason -.-

Comment by Soulgain

Your reason would be because both can fly and also
are black.

Comment by Kagi

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