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Bandai’s booth at New York Comic-Con video tour
October 9, 2010, 11:25 pm
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Stupid kotaku doesn’t even know the difference between Gundams and mechs from Eva/Code Geass and others

Comment by HeatPhoenix

What’s even more funny is Bandai not having a Zabanya up. In its place is Cheridum.

Comment by Psybuster

Stryderprime has a better quality video of the booth and then some. He shoots some of the Squae-Enix Playarts stuff and gets shot of the very impressive gunpla displayed in front of the gunpla world cup booth.

Comment by insane

Comment by insane

I was there-really good stuff

Comment by Judge master Char Aznable

i really wanna cry…..why i dont get to go the gundam expo….no…..why dont gundam expo even exost at my place T-T……

Comment by Shin

i mean exist sorry….

Comment by Shin

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