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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 02
October 9, 2010, 4:12 am
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[CrunchySubs] Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector – 02 [720p].mkv (Bittorrent)

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As the title of the episode implied, we get choukijins already!

Comment by Virgo

Hoh, so we skipped Lee’s blah and went straight for the DragonTigerthingy. Seems like we skipped the Wildfalken’s theft and I’m sure something else as well…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@Sgt. NoOb
next week on SRW OG
“we got wildfalken hijack!!”

Comment by shadowdragokill


Comment by Excellen Browning

oh yeah
exce-nee sama and “brit”
become moeblob?

Comment by shadowdragokill

is that a chokijin silhouette of jakubuou at the 8th panel ?

Comment by Link_mahboi

Holy shit Chokijins so early.

Comment by rockmanshii

I knew that the Wildfalken hijack came before the Chokijins,boy and I thought I got mixed up something here,lol.
Well as long as they know what they are doing,I’m Ok with this.

Comment by Itamaki

whoa, RyuKouOh already?
and it seems like Bullet really is riding a Wildschwein custom/mk-II/MP.

Comment by hiroy_raind

@hiroy_raind : what? where’s RyuKouOh? They’re just ryuohki and koohki >_>

Comment by Amuro

Prolly not allowing them to show the Huckebein since it’s too gundam-y =A=
Been going with that trend lately in discontinuing all the models and such for the last few years…

Comment by ed

Who’s subbing this ?

Comment by BerserkerMecha

Comment by Amuro

oh right, my bad ;^^

Comment by hiroy_raind

Huckebein might not be able to make appearance in the series,due to licensing issue i think…since it looks similar to gundam.

Comment by captain bosch

Boy that’s shit,so there is a small to no chance that we will see the boxer?

Comment by Itamaki

wish they just redesign the huckebeins head -.-

Comment by Shishca

quicker story = quicker Alfimi.

could die happy if Kouta, Folka, and/or Touma made a cameo down the road…

Comment by shonuff

I’m not sure if they’d be nixing here, and what licensing issues? Bandai owns both SRW and Gundam

Question is: Where’s Ibis?

Comment by Duran

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