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Another Century’s Episode P screens
October 14, 2010, 6:42 pm
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wow screenshot looks nice 😀

Comment by vincema

I thought that red mecha in the screenshot here was Getter Robo then. Lol! Anyway, awesome update!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

hey hey…..someone in gamefaqs informed that there’s NO STORY MODE……it’s very unlike panpresto to do that.

– No story mode!!!!?????? (fuck no)
– Mission hubs + mission selection
– Earn Ace Points to unlock new units
– Game systems appear to be based on ACE3
– 3 player co-op mode over ad-hoc

Comment by Kaiser_sword

I heard the same thing. I should point out he’s not a 100% source. And more importantly, I think the Mission Mode thing IS story mode, just not linear. Not that I can be sure about that.

Comment by SP

I agree, I have to wait for more official info.
But to think about the story issue, no story means original.

Comment by Kaiser_sword

So Guys of Gamefaq Who are like me and you have become a producer instead of Bandai, wait after 5 minutes you’ll hear from there that shin mazinger z will appear on acer portable because I will say that

Comment by shin z

I wonder if this game will have any tie with the previous ACE? The original character shown so far has kinda similar uniform with the original cast in ACE 3.

Comment by Yami

Heck yeah! Dunbine vs Botune! I’m so glad that I’ve saved up the money to get a PSP (originally just for Peace Walker).

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

@Ark: Thats a Leprechaun not Botune.

Comment by gz

Serious ?!! this is comin on psp?
thank fuck finally an awesome game

Comment by Ereos

oops. My bad, thanks for correcting me on that one. I just saw red and said “Botune.”

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

I didn’t know Ramune use robot

Comment by Kaiser Soze

Layzner’s back, and Gundam 00 debut? Fuck yes first day buy.

Comment by Rikkan

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