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Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 first 14 minutes
October 16, 2010, 11:46 am
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I’ll wait until the episode is released

Comment by daizengar


Comment by timesyndicate

I rather wait for the full episode

Comment by amuro0093

@amuro0093 – that’s what I had in mind too… then 5 minutes later I already couldn’t resist it so I watched it nonetheless… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

Haters gonna hate. Don’t bother commenting then.

Comment by Deacon Blues

@Deacon, how are we hating?
I just wanna see the whole ep at once. jeez.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I hope that the next 1/60 scale will be Unicorn with the same display stand like in the anime 🙂

Comment by guest

Same here, I rather wait to see the whole episode at once rather than be spoiled the first 14 mins. and have it abruptly end. I really hope they do a theatrical showing in the U.S. like for the 1st ep. so I can go to that again.

Comment by Ezero8


What he means is that if you don’t have anything positive to say, then you probably shouldn’t say it because after all, srwhotnews publishes all the news for us- and not specifically only for people who comment.
What’s the point of saying something that makes the effort the site has made, to be unecessary? Might as well just say thanks.

not trying to start a war, but just trying to point something out.

that said, the preview was awesome xD a bit anti-climatic though

Comment by greengreen

But when he said Hater gona hate.. that doesn;t make any sense.. thats just trolling other for voicing opinions…
I’m not going to watch it ether because I don;t want to spoil the full movie, but that doesn’t mean I hate this news…

Comment by realgundam

First, I’m not trolling. Second, I said it because I knew that’s what people would be bitching about, much like the first episode 7 minute release. There’s really no point in stating “Dur I’d rather watch the whole thing”. No one cares/needs to know.

Comment by Deacon Blues

@deacon blues

mind telling me what should we comment then? that others would care/need to know?? your “haters gonna hate” is unnecessary. no one above ever mention they hate the clip….yet.

i’ve watched the clip. i watch the 1st few mins and the last few mins for the action. too bad i cant understand what they’re saying.

Comment by oohater

So now there’s blue vulcans now? Sweet.



how about discussion, speculation, about the content of the preview/the whole episode? Instead of ‘hurr I rather watch the whole episode’…no shit, we all want the watch the whole episode?

About the Lt. Angel? (dunno how to spell his name).. he looks kinda like Garma doens’t he- and he also seems to be a friend of Full Frontal..?
Anyone reckons’s he’s going to die in the following coupla episodes? xD

dat purple geara zulu.

Comment by greengreen

@ 00hater

and obviously, then only people who’ve watched it would even discuss about it.

If someone haven’t watched it then why are they using up the comment space for the news?

just putting it out there.

Comment by greengreen

lol, butthurt kids.

Comment by amuro0093



Comment by greengreen


still, no point calling people “haters” for that reason. agree with you on other points.

that purple (purple, not pink) zulu’s pilot is angelo sauper. i read somewhere that his parents was killed and raeped by Earth Federation soldiers when he was a boy, that’s why the hate, and why he look up to full frontal, thinking him as the one who can save the spacenoids. i think he’ll survive for another few episode, since rozen zulu is piloted by him as well. badass ms i tell you…

similar story for marida, she’s an orphan and was force to be a prostitute, lastly saved by her “master”, the beard guy. dunno how her misfortune was brought by earth federation, maybe due to war or something.

Comment by oohater


Marida Cruz is a clone of Elpeo Puru from Gundam ZZ. Specifically, she’s No. 12, and she ended up in the brothel after Judau broke the first Neo Zeon.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


woaaha, I looked up Rozen Zulu on google, pretty BA. Makes me wonder why F91, which isn’t -that- down the UC timeline, didn’t follow the aesthetics of Unicorn mobile suits(except for the fact that the V ms’s were designed in the 1990’s of course).

The flashback of Banaghers also seems to suggest he has some wierd childhood experiences as well.. the mechanical eyepiece looks a bit flimsy lol.

Comment by greengreen

Heh, deacon, I could reply to you, if you’re not gonna reply positively to my comment, don’t reply at all.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Another One Week War on this comment? just like the One week war on newtype mag?

Comment by lancelotconquista

hey anyone know where i can download everlasting by kylee??

Comment by SwagKing28

I remember it took me awhile before I found an mp3 rip of the PV, since the single isn’t out yet, on a chinese forum. I’ll just upload my copy for ya, its faster than finding it again.

If you want the actual PV:

Comment by Ezero8

thx alot, u rock!

Comment by SwagKing28

What’s with teh purple psycho frame light. I thought it’s usually green.

Comment by da_guy

Hi! Just passing by.

Is it me or is there something wrong with the video? Didn’t Unicorn just slash off one of Kshatriya’s shields/binders? Then when Maria exclaims “Gundam.. ENEMY!”, why is it undamaged, then unicorn slashes it off “again”?

Also, just thought about it..
Ba-na-gee => Ba-Gee-Na (as in Quattro)

Comment by Cybuster

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