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[Mega House] Cosmo Fleet Collection SRW OG
October 16, 2010, 1:02 am
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Well something is wrong with the proportion like how could all the mecha fit in space ship hangar??? Still maybe the space ship is nice~ Probably gonna put a Super Deformed mech instead for better proportion :D

Comment by JakBoy

how long the space ship is ?

Comment by lagao

Assuming the mecha shown in comparison with the ship are 1/144(17cm),then the ship is pretty big then probably around 30 cm and as big as macross quarter chogokin.

Comment by Yami

They’re just trading figures. You’ll be lucky if they’re bigger than 7cm or so.

Comment by Amon

I guess it is impossible to have those ship to be released as model kit like the Gundam’s battleship.

Comment by Yami

Sadly, would be damn awesome.
I think they are like 10cm, at least so it says on GuNjap.

Comment by Itamaki

The ships and mecha are not in scale. The ships are about 7cm in length, judging from the “Rewloola” I have from the previous Cosmo Fleet Collection I have next to me right now.

Comment by Q

Ships look neat. Wouldn’t mind getting the complete set as I’m a fan of all of the OG ships. Though it makes me wonder exactly why they have Alteisen paired with the Hagane as opposed to the Shirogane or just picking a different unit all together.

Comment by waiting4og3

How come the SRX team is being discriminated? They should appear with the Hagane! not the Alt Eisen. Have horny get with the raising dragon and forget about Giganscudo.

Comment by Nacho-wan

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