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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 03
October 16, 2010, 12:47 am
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[HorribleSubs] Super Robot Taisen OG – The Inspector – 03 [720p] (Bittorrent)

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So, Screen shots aside, (which look nice….) Is this show worth it?

Comment by Savkun

i think it sucks. I thought the game’s storyline was very forgettable though.

if you just like to admire cool mecha designs and see them animated though.. i guess it’s an OK show

Comment by jerry

It’s a great show with a great story and great animation. We’re also seeing some new twists that weren’t in the game so be optimistic.

Comment by daizengar

The show is great,but if you don’t know anything about SRW or the Originals,I think it’s hard to follow the events.

Comment by Itamaki

LOL? The operator that appear in the scene of wild falken thief, SHE LOOKS THE SAME AS ONE OF THE OPERATOR OF GRAVION!!! (sry for bad english :P)

Comment by D4rKoV4

I know there’s some SRW fans that don’t like OG chars. This show is definitely for those who like OGs. And know the references for original mech of @, @Gaiden, @2, Impact and A.

Comment by amuro0093

any streams like episode 2 last week?

Comment by buff

The reason i like srw og games because of the story.
It got great politic (even much complicated than those gundam), character, mecha, blahblablah…

Still, you have to finish tons of homework to enjoy the show since it 2nd season.

YOu can watch first season.
Or playing og games especially the gba one… since they are in english. (which i really recommend)

Comment by animenyo


Comment by zmil

I’m sorry guuuuuuuuuuuuuys


Comment by jerry

I’m sorry guuuuuuuuuuuys T________T

Comment by jerry

I promise I won’t do it again, ok?? ^___^

OG is GREAT!!!!

Comment by jerry

it geting batter batter of the show i hope the eng sub will come out soon

Comment by winston ho

Nobody asked for your apology
Since its so common that this show sucks for non srwog player.
So we already get used to it.

Comment by animenyo

yeah, they don’t even know the difference between Gundam and Huckebein ,,,

Comment by zmil

latooni screams…

Comment by zzz

the subs are late 😦

Comment by daizengar

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