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Gundam Ace November 2010
October 23, 2010, 10:06 am
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HeavyArm!!! Next MG of W serie!!! 5555

Comment by nheuoi

That’s new. Heavy Arms Katoki has a hidden beam saber. This is definitely going to be the next MG that I will buy. 🙂

Comment by GlemtVapen

@GlemtVapen: the beam saber is probably a throwback to when Heero used it.

Comment by ...

Unicorn Gundam Girl is not bad.

Comment by ninjaclown

Is the Heavy arms the MG for december?

If so then Yeah! ^^

Comment by tiamat02777

Awesome scans! I’m glad that Sinanju will be in Gundam Extreme VS! And the Unicorn Gundam girl is hot!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

“the beam saber is probably a throwback to when Heero used it.”

Yes, the comment is specifically referring to that instance.

Comment by yuu

The army knife was never on the Ver Ka. too….and theres alot more optional gattling guns for it as well. Interesting stuff.

Comment by ShinkenRed

[…] a Srw Hotnews ed a Cyber Gundam le prime immagini del N. 100 della bella rivista Gundam […]

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I wonder what the redesigned Epyon will look like (if Katoki will redesign it)?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

arghhhh moe!!!!! instead of animal ears but animal horns….a new moe discovery…..okay back to the topic……wow heavyarms ver. ka is so cool i wonder when will it come out at my place…….

Comment by Shin

are those gattlings optional ? i’ll choose the one that resembles the original/real-life gattling gun, like the ones mounted on US Navy’s Blackhawks…

Comment by Sei

Wonder what that new 78SP Gundam specializez in?


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