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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 04
October 23, 2010, 12:38 am
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[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector – 04 (Bittorrent)

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How many episodes (stages) in total will be in this show?

90% sure there will be a game announcement in the last episode.

Comment by BerserkerMecha

26 eps

Comment by Amuro

There’s a websites confirmed that it’s only 13.

Somthing wrong, the show is slow, I think it should be 26 eps

Comment by Kaiser_sword

Oh YEAH Tsugumi in the preview screenshot,which means THEY’LL FINALLY SHOW IBIS.

Comment by Rockmanshii

….why the hell is Tsugumi’s hair PURPLE?

Comment by anonymous

not enough for i episode ….we need more!! one more thing in the game bullet use to ride huckebein MKII not huckebein mass production

Comment by zmil

There are so many differences between OVA and game and the only thing people are complaining about is the bloody MkII? Such foolishness.

Comment by Amon

You know what, I can’t wait for the eventual Sledgelmil vs. Dygenguar. You know they will going to make it EPIC.

Comment by GlemtVapen

MkII is srw trademark of course, and it resembles gundam, of course people will make a fuss about it, such foolishness @Amon

Comment by zmil

huckebein sucks

Comment by Amuro

ART-1 much more cooler

Comment by zmil

The MKII is awesome. But, Bullet’s going to end up piloting the Tiger mech most of the time anyway. So, no real point in introducing it. Not to mention, G-Impact cannon look so overkill at the moment. xD

Comment by Rebirth

Ugh, let’s just hope Tsugumi’s hair is just a coloring error.

Comment by Ertre


I am so looking forward to that fight as well. Hell If the show this fight too early ratings might even drop as it is going to be the MOST EPIC fight. Who cares about the lousy inspectors and shadow mirrors.(except Axel of course)

Comment by Zengar

For extra fan service(Which this shit is loaded more than Alteisen’s Riese and Gundam Heavyarms bullets combined) They’ll make it so Ouka lives.

Comment by ZAXA

Ouka dying was the only thing OGS didn’t fix. Gaiden had so many chances to reverse that, but no. I doubt she’ll live here either.

Comment by Amon

complaining about an anime well i never

Comment by VenomGundam

sooner or later fans will accepts the characters design…some may not.

Comment by captain bosch

god dammit, just like kotobukiya, obari fails at english. (L)ROCK ON! WTF?

Comment by Red

Thought the same, it is quite amusing though. I always laugh my ass off, because of failed english in animes, lol.

Comment by Itamaki

^ I actually think they’re doing that on purpose haha, considering they seem to be having so much fun making this it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Comment by K

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