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JAM Project 44Single MAXON [2010 10 27]
October 27, 2010, 11:42 pm
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JAM Project – MAXON [OP SRW OG The Inspector]

3. MAXON (off vocal)
4. LONGING (off vocal)

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Comment by ZeBOI

Thanks!!! Both songs are very nice! MAXON!!

Comment by Chris

Hmm I don’t know, is it just me or does MAXON sound like some places are cut off..the beginning(the anime opening) and the final part with the revolving bunker are amazing, but in the middle it sounds so..interesting.

Comment by Itamaki

oh sry, forgot to say thanks!

Comment by Itamaki

Thanks for the upload!

Can you put out the ED single too when its released?

Comment by Ezero8

Oh yeaaah , thanks a lot!!!

Comment by Rockmanshii


Comment by amuro0093

Listening to MAXON is like listening to Yuusha-Ou Tanjou for the first time. REVOLVING STAAAAKE~! still sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it.


JAM Project songs are awesome in full, but some of them need time to get up to the action. Eg. Rocks, Crest of Z’s. Since anime OPs are basically cut versions of full-length songs, it’s not surprising.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Quite frankly, considering how awesome the music tends to be in SRW games, MAX ON was kind of underwhelming.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@Tom phoenix : you are weird

Comment by Amuro

He’s weird for saying the truth? He’s right, the only good music so far are the OGS BMG’s and even then they’re remixed and inferior.

Comment by Amon

@Amon : and you’re also weird.

Comment by Amuro

like the other JAM PROJECT songs
this one feels weird of a moment
after you replay it for sometime’s
you may be like it

Comment by shadowdragokill

awesome !!!!!!

Comment by zmil

@Sgt. NoOb & shadowdragokill
Yeah you’re right. It was just me here hearing it the first time, now it’s too awesome to stop!

Comment by Itamaki

Nah, I agree, it’s not the best SRW opening, IMO. I thought Meikyuu no Prisoner and Rising Force were better. Maxon’s still a damn good song, and I like it more the more I hear it. I think it’s just that some of Jam Projects songs are hard to top.

Comment by Ace of the Rebellion

Maxon is good but the 2nd song of this album, “Longing” is better imo

Comment by amuro0093

To be honest i really really like MAXON song xDD
i cant freaking stop listening to it 😀

Comment by Kira Yamato


Now that I’ve listened to it in its entirety, after the first section, it does sound cut-off. I assumed you were talking about the anime version, LOL.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@Sgt. NoOb

Yeah, that’s the point I’m talking about, it’s really short, but is still kinda odd the first few times.

Comment by Itamaki

Thanks for the upload!!

Comment by Daichi

Wow! Thanks for upload

Comment by animenyo

cool.. it’s so hot blood… thanks a lot

Comment by neosonic

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