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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 05
October 30, 2010, 12:44 am
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[CrunchySubs] Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector – 05 [720p] (Bittorrent)

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I like this show 🙂

Comment by daizengar

Looks like Ibis definitely is going to be in this.

Comment by DragonT

Awesome ep as always.

Comment by Amuro

Yay Irm and Ibis

Comment by KingLazerman

WOW!(O.o)the Grungusts is here!!!it’s nice to see those in action…anyway Ibis looks different…(>.<)

Comment by costriker

Ibis, what have they done to you? ;_;

Comment by Virgo

Ibis is always ugly.

Comment by Grungust

and Tsugumi’s hair reverted back to normal…
was last week’s preview an error?

Comment by hiroy_raind

Damn Irm! you’re like 100 times better!

Comment by amuro0093


Comment by Freedom Gundam

Dayum I have to agree, Irm looks even more hardcore than in the games, but shiz not agreeing with what they did with Ibis’ hair(looks good, but It’s not her, the dog references aren’t working with this)…

Comment by Itamaki

I hope Ibis’ hair looks better when out of that space outfit…. though it sucks it’s mono-colored.

But wow Irm, going toe to toe with Wodan.

Comment by Duran

Kusuha = ❤

Comment by Amuro

Zankantou!! freaking crazy sword

Comment by zmil

Lol mere stake can actually match freaking zankantou.

About Ibis, what bother me most is just her eyes…
I think its kinda big for her.

Comment by animenyo

I love seeing ibis and Sleigh in their spacesuit though….for me kinda cute he he he

Comment by Bahnlauncher

hohoho hope Ouka gonna Live’s at the end for it may become clear that this is another parralel universe where something like 4 choukijin gonna open the way to SRW OG 3~~~

Comment by JakBoy

Then nobody die? Remind me of BLEACH.

Comment by Amuro

At least Daitetsu dies.
Dunno about Lee

Comment by animenyo

Irm looks cool in this version

Comment by Bahnlauncher

whta have they done to ibis?!

the original ibis looks much more better

Comment by captain bosch


Comment by wa

That’s why ibis doesn’t appear in the ED. She’s like a MONKEY.

Comment by SinanjUnicorn

This anime probably isn’t great to non-fans but If you’ve played the games and loved it the anime will feel like the best.

Comment by ZAXA

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