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Super Robot Wars L was leaked
November 20, 2010, 7:28 pm
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ooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaah

some one instal it here pleeeeeeeeeeeas.

Comment by magma beast

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh coooooooooooooool. The rom or the love of God please

Comment by daizengar

I didn’t even know that the game come out this month.

Comment by NT01

It is supposed to come out next week, but it shipped already in Hong Kong, at least that’s what I read.

Comment by Itamaki

Do people from Hong Kong upload their games on internet ?

Comment by NT01

the rom pleasssss!!!!

Comment by ikki28

the rooommm pleassssseeeee[2]!!!!

Comment by katsumotto


Comment by MukaMuPantatKu

Buy the game and stop asking for the rom.

Comment by Alteisen

We always do Alteisen, but the thrill of getting my hands on it is beyond my patients.

Comment by daizengar

Get some dignity, and stop begging for a rom.

Comment by DIO

Alteisen , came here in (fucking morrocco) hahahahha and you’ll buy it hahahaha!!!!!!

Comment by ikki28

hahahahha Alteisen, you talking like mellion dollar man, hey if you will talk like this next time get out from here & don’t west our time here .

Comment by magma beast

الاي اس او يرحم والديكم

Comment by kurwasoon

The hell just when my sis took my ds for a day and this happens!!!

Comment by RaveX

@Magma Beast
Stop asking for the ROM, and buy the game like the rest of us normal non-stealing people.

Comment by SP

For those begging for the ROM, you’d have to deal with whatever Piracy protection Banpresto puts on it. This won’t be as easily played like W and K.

Comment by Duran

Mr Sp , we’r livning in far area & if i want to buy it legaly i must to bay the price double , be cuse our contry not bringe this type of game , so i must buy it from internet and bring it by carier , it well be very caustly .

Comment by magma beast

I’ll buy the game to support it…


I want and need to rom to play it ASAP! There’s a huge difference in having to get the rom NOW and having to buy the game IN A WEEK or LATER… [read: NOW and LATER, no use in trying to tell me to be patient either, it doesn’t help make the LATER be NOW]

Comment by JustPassingThru

nice this is early, I hope play asia ships mine early :s

Comment by Banjo

Just because you’re living in a far area(middle of nowhere/another planet?) & its price might be doubled doesn’t make leaked rom LEGAL. If you cannot afford it then steal it? What a great idea.

Not enough money? Save some more then buy it. You’re not the only one in that situation.

Comment by Super Robot

I don’t blame anyone who can’t afford it or anything like that if he get it this way.. but if you can get it then do it! we must help keeping banpresto alive!

Comment by Banjo

blahblahblah like hell I’m paying for 80% recycled material

Comment by HeatPhoenix

speaking of SRT… SRT 8 is out…

Comment by JustPassingThru

buy the game, stop piracy. earn some money and get the real thing

Comment by RJ

Apparently, the game is pirate-protected like Lord Of Elementals was. That is, you do abysmal damage, and enemies can OHKO you, and the sound is pretty crappy.

Comment by SP

@banjo you’re right, you see we can just go cheap-ass then use cards and roms instead, but if this game doesn’t sell well we might not get another new srw game for nds

Comment by MukaMuPantatKu

ROMS kills Good Quality SRW. Period

Comment by SRW F Forever

i’m so poor i can only afford NDS, PSP, Wii, and Gaming Class PC, but i can’t afford their games, i needed the money to pay for other things that i can’t get for free hehehe…

(i bought the game in my place for less than a $ per game, you get 10 NDS game for a $ dude)

Comment by ultraman

I know I’m a bit late, but two things I want to say:

First off, every gundam or super robot wars videogame released, you have “leaked” footage of it, and it’s usually about 2 or 3 days before the release date. I know you want to entice people to read your blog, but fans of SRW will come, reguardless of “leaked” box art pics.

and Secondly, everyone else on here, you are as bad as the sonic fanbase; I can’t believe I’m saying that. It’s one thing to love something and be a huge fan for it, and another to be fucking thieves, and spoiler the game before it comes out, if you love it, buy the damn thing, if you can’t afford it, get a job. Seriously, if you have internet, there should be no reason to not be able to purchase it. I see why CV trolled you mother fuckers so much.

Comment by Anonymous

ah shut up so waht?

Comment by asa

ahahah XD yeah,i download the rom and play it on a emulator but i’m waiting for my original copy from Playasia 😛

Comment by Anonymous

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Comment by Plastic cards

I Have finished this game already

Comment by wako

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