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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 08
November 20, 2010, 11:28 am
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[CrunchySubs] Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector – 08 [720p]

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OMG!!! freaking awesome!! Huckebien MKIII BOXER!!!!AWESOME!!!!

Comment by zmil

Really good episode…
Valsione and Ryune, Greatkin and Mekiboss and all the Inspectors…

This took a 15/10 in my ranking

Comment by Granseal

yeah!! next week cybaster!!

Comment by zmil

Wohooow great episode, for the next episode i cannot wait for cybaster

Comment by Blanbahn

since when huckebein is approved to be viewed in anime?

Comment by captain bosch

It seems the Huckebein mkIII’s design has been changed for the anime release. I wonder if they are going to keep this new look for OG3.

Also, Refina and Dandy Lion NigouCHAN desu~!!11!!<3

Comment by GlemtVapen

I forgot to add: it seems the H-Boxer itself can now dock(?) with the Gunner without separating.

Comment by GlemtVapen

More like the Boxer can now use the Gunner like a weapon much like the R-Gun.

Comment by LG

It’s not Huckebein. Rio said the name’s EX Bine. And Mekibos call it a “Schuckebein”.

Awesome episode!!

Comment by amuro0093

it is called RTX-011AMB Huckebein Boxer
Unit type: experimental real trooper
Height: 23.4 meters
Weight: 113.7 metric tons
Equipment: T-Link system, Uranus system, Tronium engine
Armament: Gatling gun x 2, fang slasher x 1, graviton rifle x 1, G-Sword x1, G-Territory
Pilot: Ryoto Hikawa
Mechanical designer: Hajime Katoki

Comment by zmil

Comment by zmil

That much we know, but I think he means that it is not the Huckebein what we see in the anime.

Yes! Hiryu Kai crew! Boy I love them so much. Awesome episode indeed.

Comment by Itamaki

of coure they change a little bit in the anime..

Comment by zmil

@amuro 0093
It’s the Huckbein MK III with the Boxer add-on (check srw wiki for images). They only renamed it EXbein, added banpresto glasses (fucking ugly in this mech imho), and removed the V-fin, so that the retards don’t call license issues over the huckbein- gundam franchise problem.

Fucking awesome episode. I’m yet excited with the valsione dynamic entry.

Pleasseee put the Inspectors BGM on all the entries for the team.

BTW, I’m the only who said “What episode 38 means?” when I saw vigagi?

Comment by Gryphus

The pic of the Day. The Exbein is, like I said, the Huckbein MKIII Boxer.

They just added sunglases and removed the V-fin due to license issues.

This attack list is the good, not the one quoted before.

Comment by Gryphus

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Awesome episode. I’ve been waiting for them to pick up the pace and get some more action going, hopefully it continues the trend. Looking forward to Masaki’s entrance next week, should be fun.

Also, Lefina in a night gown = hot.

Comment by Ezero8

If it’s just licensing issues they are worried about, they could’ve just changed the head instead of a complete design overhaul. I believe this could be an entirely new unit for the anime (which might appear in future games) much like Gespenst Mk.II-S Kyosuke Custom.

Now this begs the question if Huck mk.III Trombe will appear and keep its original look or not.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Kick ass screens, can’t wait for the subs. I’m very happy to see that they kept the Hucke. TBH it wouldn’t be the same without it 🙂

Comment by daizengar

Obviously the EXbein is going to get into a slugging match late in the series, and the mask will break Brave-style.

It’s something Obari would do.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

i prefer Huckbein Mk-3 with G-Gunner so they ryoto and rio can use Full impact Canon….
if the next week cybuster is come what about Shu and granzon??? will they come in this Film??

Comment by f1j4r(4d1l)

I don’t know f you said it but his shoulder is also white.
But in the next episode : “a new unit” by the Tesla Leicht Institute, the Double G Unit.

Comment by Vinh9999

I don’t know what people are arguing about. The thing is a replace for the Hückebein Mk-III but it’s not a Hückebein. Ryoto himself said in the last episode (if the subs were right) that Mk-III development was halted, clearly in favour of this unit (that’s based on the Mk-III, but isn’t the Mk-III itself).

Comment by Virgo

Double G Unit is Dygenguar & Ausentier freaking awesome super robot legacy of Bian Zoldark!!!
and not to mention Fairlion a twin dancing robot..

Comment by zmil

Please don’t link to the [ReinWeiss] fan sub version, they make the translations worse by ADDING honorifics to the fansubs. – Which is dumb considering the Atlus games never had any and it’s just a sign of bad translation practice.

Comment by Kraker2k

Kraker2k what are you talking about? You’re saying like it was Atlus who made the game. Honorifics should be there as it’s the damn Japanese anime and the original Banpresto game had it but its gone when localized by Atlus who tried to remove most of the signs from Japanese culture. Besides, they are the ones that gave Lamia the staggering way of speech when it should be a bad grammar by default.

Comment by Chrono

Honorifics aren’t needed in english translations, as the name says it is a translation into english and not engrish..
The english language doesn’t use the same kind of honorifics as the japanese, so why should it be there, it’s not part of the name.

Comment by Itamaki

@Chrono November
“…Atlus who tried to remove most of the signs from Japanese culture.”
You, sir, clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Atlus left in stuff like Owarai jokes (they event went so far as to explain tsukkomi) and Gundam references, some translators even felt that Atlus went a bit overboard with this.

The position of professional and simply competent translators has always been “No honorifics outside of Japan-only settings, there is always a way to relay the necessary meaning with the tools that the English language already possesses”. The only people who insist on always using honorifics are inexperienced juvenile japanophiles who don’t know any better.

Comment by Eelnest

that is called Mobile Animal Gundam Beast

Comment by zmil

So that is why we see Senpai being translated as person’s name? And Exe-neesama in case of SRW is translated as Exie? In that case dude you can take your professional translation then and I’ll stick to Engrish.

Comment by Chrono

Man, the purpose of a translation is that you can understand it without knowing anything about the original language.

Comment by Virgo

True, translation is made for everyone that doesn’t understand the original language of said material.Everyone including japanophiles or a person who don’t even know what is “senpai” or “nee-sama”.
Just because you are familiar with japanese honorifics doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Comment by reeoyuy

BTW I just watched the episode and I don’t think we’re getting DGG’s in the next episode, they were more likely talking about the Astelion.

Comment by Virgo

ok.. EXbein… and the v-fin license issue…

i’m a bit dissapointed, knowing Mk.III will never come out in its true form… but, well, i guess EXbein is fine…


Comment by Sei

@Eelnest & Kraker2k :

dudes, you watch dubbed anime ? that’s so lame…
shame on you

Comment by Sei

The EXbein’s head/face looks stupid as hell.. makes it look weak.

Comment by quat

I’m just glad they didn’t kill Huckebein outright over the licensing debacle. The Banpresto glasses is a nice touch, as long as it keeps the diversity of robots, I’m cool.

Comment by Michael Adhi

oh yes,the next episode will be Astellion first appearance,along with cybuster and elzam err..Ratsel!

BTW,ryuusei means shooting star not comet huh?

what the hell with huckebein mkIII head?it’s just like a combination of gundam and GM head!and using graviton cannon without docking on Am gunner?Isnt the Uranus OS supposed to be activated first before ryoto able to fully utilizes the huckebein?to many modifications…this can’t be anymore called SRWOG but SRWMOGDTLUASO (SRW Modified OG Due To Licensing Issue and so on)

Comment by captain bosch

Dood, that would be a damn epic name for a

Comment by Itamaki

More like Ideon using Ideon Canon.
I am alright with it though…

Comment by animenyo

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