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November 22, 2010, 1:03 am
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Super Robot Wars L (Major spoilers!)

OG 2nd

Final boss


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well that was fast of you

Comment by HeatPhoenix

So at what stage do you upgrade and how many stages are there in the game?

Comment by daizengar

well, final boss look hard

Comment by Walson

OMG freedom gundam clone!!! mr.srw did u play 24/7?

Comment by amatsu

Gundam Beast. A kinda crossover between Gundam Seed and Zoids. It’s just another fan work.

Comment by xalrons

If only it was real. I really want a new Gundam series already. But I’ll wait.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Hmm the OG upgrade unit’s wing really looks like Striker Freedom’s wing. Does the Rival unit get upgrade as well?

Comment by Yami

LOL, S.Freedom wings without the dragoons! How lame… I was really hoping the Rushbird could combine with the rival mech, unless that IS the result. Can you even play as the rival mech?

I’ve seen the Gundam Beast stuff before, it’s some really impressive stuff for fanart, but I didn’t know they even made fake animation screens for it too. I would totally watch a Gundam x Zoids crossover show!

Comment by Ezero8

Does this game offer any chalange?

The previous ds srw just that damn easy.

Even beginner can easly finish them without learning all game mechanic.

Comment by animenyo


Although Gundam Beast is pretty new not based off anything we know of, but if recall correctly it could of been a new series but its true since its a fan art series.

Comment by MaxHD2490


Rushbird doesnt get any upgrades. That is just a combination attack form with Straybird. Very disappointing.

Comment by Kuro

Man that sucks. M.Fcuk Terada, why doesn’t he spend time on the OG development??? All the OG’s from Z onward were crap or easily forgettable. Even Compatible Kaiser (which is a great design)gets a half-ass upgrade i OG Gaiden. Very disappointing indeed 😦

Comment by daizengar

How many stage is it?

Comment by animenyo

How many stage is it?

– 41.

Rushbird combination attack Come Stage 40. Orz

Comment by srwkung

such a let down….

Do they have like…
Secret unit or event during 2nd playthru…

If not its such a shame…

Comment by animenyo

I’m broadcasting SRW L on so watch me play :D.If you guys want too.

I’m stage 29

Comment by Soulgain

so he only got 5 move in total ?

Comment by Shijugi

wish I knew what the final bosses mech’s name is.

Comment by MaxHD2490

L OST, if anyone wants it 😛

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

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