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November 22, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Non scale scratchbuild Soulgain

MG ReZEL Commander Type


METAL BUILD 1/100 00 Gundam Seven Sword

MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom




HGAW 1/144 Gundam X Divider

HG 1/144 Extreme Gundam

Composite Ver. Ka. SRW OG Exbein

Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector


[Kotobukiya] Compatible Kaiser – April 2011, 5,040 yen

HGUC 1/144 GM Custom

HG 1/144 Beginning 30 Gundam

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OO Qan[T] Armor Purge? The head of Harute while in Marut Mode? An unused unknown MS?

And DAMN IT! MG Deatscythe Hell Custom?? ALREADY?? GPB-X80 Beginning 30 Gundam looks seriously weird.

Comment by don't mind me

only ep3 and we get a new pack for beginning. maybe more coming soon?

Comment by oohater

cool DeadSycle Hell Custom MG + FA Beginner Gundam

Comment by timesyndicate

That “unused MS” is shown in the post-ED sequence of the movie, as a mobile suit seen 50 years after the events of the movie. And that 00 Qan[T] is it’s appearance in Quantum Burst Mode.

Comment by LG

WTH is quantum burst mode?
More like somebody too lazy to finish building his MG 00 Qan[T] plamo…

Comment by animenyo

Quantum Burst is the enhanced version of the Trans-Am Burst. It’s also known as the “Quantum System”, and is used in the movie.

Comment by LG

LOL~ Did 00Q just pulled a Naked Jehuty inside Aumann?

Comment by guarayakha

Finally, Huchibien Mk-III AM Parts. After years of trying to imagine what they would look like we get to see them. Not much to look at but I’ll wait to see them in action before passing final judgment. Still it’s good to see the fulfillment of one of my longstanding demands from the SRW universe. 😀

Comment by daizengar

I’m really enstranged by how devolved the 00qan-T became after 50 years… That’s the SaKiBuRe.. It’s what happened to 00-Q after the 50 year time lapse…. the Flower mobiles suit.. OTL

You can look for a romaji to katakana converter yourself to confirm it 🙂

Comment by kyousakee

What’s sad is that this is a SRW blog and all but one of the comments thus far are about 00 with no hands or feet and only one person has commented on Exbein.

Comment by hanageboubounosuke

The Exbein article mentions something about the 009 being massively upgraded, and giving it parts from the Mk.II and Mk.III. I think it also mentions about the Huckebein EX (from Alpha) name already being used by Mao Industries so they named it Exbein. (?)

Anyway, it’s official. Exbein is now my favorite Huckebein design, beating out the Mk.II

Comment by GlemtVapen

Hell yeah! Deathscythe Hell Custom!

Comment by K'

I’m hoping the Exbein have a move where it takes off that stupid banpresto shades. At least on the 8th OG Inspector episode we can see clearly the real eyes behind the shades…

But anyway, delighted to see “Huckebein” in action even if the design is not as simple and striking like the original.

Comment by Michael Adhi

@kyousakee: Considering the Gundam Setsuna rides at the end still has a V-fin, had the 00 Qan[T]’s chest, and has wings on the back unlike the Sakibure, no it isn’t. The Sakibure and the timeskip 00 Qan[T] are two completely different machines.

Comment by LG

@Kyousakee: If you want to take a look at the flowery mobile suit, here. at the bottom, that’s definitely not the Sakibure.

Comment by LG

Omg… So that’s what the Exbein looks like without the Boxer parts. I’m really liking it.

Comment by Shishca

maybe the sakibure is a mass production 00 qan[t].

Comment by flamerounin

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Whoa. So THAT’S what an ELS GN-XIV looks like. Even seeing them in the movie, I thought they were basically identical except for the thrust cone. But now that I’m seeing one in detail, the ELS didn’t just copy the GN-XIV, they revamped it.

Comment by Gundam Sol

And now an Arch Gundam version of Throne Drei?! This day keeps getting better and better! XD

Comment by Gundam Sol

wouldn’t be surprised if bandai actually releases an hg els gnx IV (actually waiting for that one more than the normal gnx-IV)

and i’m starting to like the color of arche gundam drei.

hmmm, are they saying that gundam 00 isn’t over just yet.

Comment by flamerounin

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Well I’m spoiled about the movie. Yay!


i will bay Soulgain & Gundam Deathscythe Hell ^^

Comment by AsakimDowin

i like Extreme Gundam

Comment by sexjapan

What’s sad is that this is a SRW blog and all but one of the comments thus far are about 00 with no hands or feet and only one person has commented on Exbein.

Comment by Genial

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