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Upcoming next Composite Ver. Ka.
November 22, 2010, 5:25 pm
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Composite Ver. Ka. SRW OG Exbein

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Not A Gundam After all

Comment by timesyndicate

that was fast

Comment by roleplay00z

wrong id to post

Comment by shadowdragokill

just huckebien with no V fin and Adding banpresto google

Comment by zmil

Wow it seems that Banpresto is really serious about the Huckebein’s substitute. Would have bought it if it is kotobukiya kit

Comment by Yami

looks intresting

Comment by gunpla4ever

I hope Banpresto doesn’t change the hucks in the OG Main games

am I the only one that didn’t like the new look od this Huckbein?

Comment by Meteorim

Suzumiya on Gunpatrol ? LOL i like it

Comment by Hawke

I find this whole Huckebein debacle ironic given that Bandai actually owns Banpresto and the guy accused of plagiarism here pretty much created the modern perception of a typical Gundam suit.

Comment by Amon

I don’t particularly like the new design either; it loses most of the Huckebein’s appeal.

I’ll still buy it if it comes with the Boxer frame, but I’m guessing it won’t.

Comment by Rygel

Same here. I don’t think a company could sue itself unless someone else holds the true license on Gundam design (Okawara and Tomino?) or the Huckebeins are actually someone’s IP not Banpresto’s.

Quite frankly, they are not fooling anyone because it still looks a lot like Gundam. The visor doesn’t help since Harute (and other 00 Gundams) used one, and the lack of v-fin was also used by a couple of Gundams such as the V-Dash Hexa.

Comment by GlemtVapen

I have more problem with the new proportion that Katoki is so fond of in every lineart he draws nowadays than the design.

Comment by da_guy

Actually it is pretty strange that Exbein got Katoki Treatment considering Huckebeins are designed by him.

Comment by Yami

GlemtVapen : I’m pretty sure the likeness of the RX-78-2, or the typical gundam look,, is Bandai’s property. I could see a problem if this were five years ago or so when Bandai didn’t own Banpresto yet but considering that these days Banpresto is fully owned by Bandai it just strikes me as ridiculous.
The Gundam look is so ubiquitous these days that the Huckebein’s fin and samurai face plate are hardly the most egregious examples of this in Real Robot designs. I honestly don’t get the Bandai outrage over this. If Katoki was commissioned to create an entire series of Real Robots similar in proportion to a Gundam, it makes sense for them to have a look that he most of all helped refine into its most popular state. If anyone compares the Okawara Rx-78 to a basic Huckebein the similarities are nill bar a fin.

Comment by Amon

Its RTX-010 Huckebein Mk II ??

Comment by gunyoken

Basically its just to avoid confusion with what a Gundam is.. if they saw a Huckebein with the design of a gundam, people who’s not familiar with the game will just say its a Gundam clone, they wont care if the design is inspired by a Gundam they’ll just think its a copycat.. Maybe they’re just distancing itself from Gundam and establishing itself as a separate entity..

Comment by DeadlySyn

I thought so too (Bandai Namco having the Gundam rights) but I’m beginning to think this might not be the case; or something else we don’t know about is barring the anime to not use the original Huckebein’s likeness. Anyway the self-censorship is m00t point as the Exbein still resembles a Gundam heavily. This has led me to a crackpot theory that the original Huckebein designs are ‘maybe’ owned by someone else and the animes do not have access to them except within games.Our assumptions could all be wrong though. The anime is still unfinished and there is still the chance we might see the original Huckebeins grace the screens.

Anyway I do like the Exbine though. I found the vanilla Mk.III design to be way too plain for an ultimate PT even compared to its predecessors.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Well, i thought gundam nowadays look more like huckebein and exbein than vice versa.

Comment by animenyo

You know the whole anime is an excuse for these models

Comment by realgundam

Katoki hajime create huckbien and some cool gundam ,,so that’s why huckbien looks like gundam…since it’s bandai/namco game same company why they just don’t go with the huckebien MK III?..instead they put Exbien,,? why?

Comment by zmil

there are still Huckbien MK III Trombe own by Elzam…hope it show up soon…

Comment by zmil

Unfortunately, at the end of the day a Huckebein is not a Gundam, and it would be to Bandai’s benefit in all possible matters of they kept two distinct lines and marketed them as such. OG Hukies aren’t likely to change, but with The Inspectors there are going to be as many newcomers to the OGverse as us long-time fans watching the series, so they probably think that keeping Hukies fom Gundam is going to net twice as much. At least, that is what I think.

I can’t complain though. The Exbein looks pretty awesome.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Indeed, why care when we have a sexy new Huckebein here that we may see in the next OG game(at least it would be nice). I think they even said something about the googles in the anime, but I’m not sure.

Comment by Itamaki

Yeah a new comer EXbein! hope it become the predecessor for Banprerios ❤ in the near Future~~~

Comment by JakBoy

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