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Gundam Musou 3 PV 2nd
November 24, 2010, 10:14 am
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Nice gundam 00 gameplay. Makes me wonder though if we are going to be able to go trans am for a limited period of time like the gundam unicorn.

Comment by shiromoon

Sinanju vs Sazabi was baaaad to the bone. I guess we know Full Frontal isn’t Char for sure now.

Comment by ArkeotheEchidna

Seems we have some V-Gundam grunts, nice. I’m glad to see they have realized that we know there are more suits outside the UC universe that can be used for beam saber fodder.

Comment by Bolinoak

Can’t wait! I think this game gonna be the best mech game for PS3!

Comment by amuro0093

At least until Gundam Extreme Vs gets ported to the PS3 anyway.

Comment by Frog

All old ms seem to have to same move as a second of the game……………for example V Gandum.

Comment by Shijugi

LOL @Bolinoak, V-Gundam *is* part of the UC Universe, after F91.

But we have Seed grunts now, too, so you’re still right about finally getting some AU stuff to blast!

Comment by Ace of the Rebellion

boring like all the other Musou game……..

Comment by Index

It seems Gundam Wing get lots of units. I’m still hoping for more Gundam X and G

Comment by amuro0093

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