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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 09
November 27, 2010, 10:41 am
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huckebein mkIII with guarlion custom = guarbein trombe lol

Comment by everywhereyougo

I’m loving the new custom units they’re throwing us. First we got the Gespenst MKII S Kyosuke Custom, then we got the Exbein Boxer, now they give us the Garbein MKIII Trombe. I almost want them to re-do OG2 again and throw these mechs into the game.

Comment by KyriosArios

now that’s cheating…last week we have Exbein and now this…but hey,it’s TROMBE!!!It’s override any songs you know…

Comment by costriker

Any raws, streams anything yet!? I really want to see the astelion in action!

Comment by Skull Leader

Wanna watch it right nao!

Ibis looks better than previous ep.

Comment by animenyo

Guarbein Trombe? lol
They could’ve done better.

I guess this episode makes it official that we will NOT see any of the original Huckebeins.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Damn, how many hours we can wait until the streaming raw appear ????

i cannot hold my saliva that coming out from my mouth to watch this episode !!!

Comment by Blanbahn

Kusuha is too cute!!
Also awesome TROMBE & CYBUSTER!!!

Comment by Amuro

Comment by Amuro

wow thanks very much. Now we can watch it. battle, Battle and battle !!!!

Comment by Blanbahn

I’m thinking Huckelion

Comment by AD

screw the 4th rule

Comment by shadowdragokill


Comment by Bob

they really killing off the gundam face….on huckbein

Comment by zmil

Wow hopefully we get to see Royal Heart Breaker in the next episode. When Alfimi will be introduced?

Comment by Yami

this week=trombe+asterlion! next week=fairlions! next 2 week=daizengar!?

Comment by MukaMuPantatKu

Guarlion+Huckbein+Trombe=Guarbein Trombe…..really suck….

Comment by zmil

Guarlion+Huckbein+Trombe=Guarbein Trombe…..really COOL!!!

Comment by Amuro

know what, ep.9 is the coolest surprising mechas introduction so far beside ep.8!

Comment by everywhereyougo

finaly suerp robot taise in ps3 called U

TITLE :スーパーロボット大戦U

look at this :

Comment by ikki28

@ikki28 : FAKE!

Comment by Amuro

We already had this bro, It’s not a new game, It’s a list of series that won’t ever appear in SRW, kinda sad that these cool titles won’t appear? Sure, but that’s how it is.

As for the Anime, every new episode is better than the last! Really so far I’m not dissapointed here.

Comment by Itamaki

now that’s not a fake that’s was ths real new srw

and that’s were you look in :


this week

Comment by ikki28

It’s La Gias no Kaze! Hell yeah! Another hot episode!

If they ever remake OG series again, they should throw in these ”new” mechas =)

Comment by Crimson Cloud

@ikki28 if that wasn’t fake, why did they write “mighty morphin power rangers”? the japanese name is zyuranger! FAKE FAKE!

Comment by Saga

why is ibis wearing a sexy outfit and also has a load

Comment by mark RJ

Ikki, you are retarded.
The first image of the title logo is basically photoshopped. Look carefully,it’s SRW L logo with thinned out “L” vertical line to make it look U.

It’s definitely SRW “Ugh” alright.

Comment by Aldotsk

Did they just do what every one with a collection of model kits does when they’re bored? Pop off one unit’s head and replace it with another unit’s head?

Comment by fwish

I thought Elzam still pilot Guarlion Trombe.

Does anyone try assemble Guarlion’s Head and arms kit on Mk-III body kit? I would like to see it like in this episode.

Comment by Raven

It’s not like they’re going to keep the Huckestein Mk. III for long. At least the show’s going about setting things in mostly-right order.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Guarbein overrides copyright!

Comment by CGX1k

The Fake Scan for the New SRW is garbage. If you want to do a mainstream SRW series, do it on the Nintendo Consoles or Sony PSP’s because the PS3 won’t get one due to one thing:


Comment by don't mind me

A little odd. Did the Huckebein series as a whole just get assimilated into random other series in this continuity?

Gotta say the whole enemy-attacks-random-dramatic-appearance-of-new-character formula is getting very tired.

The game was not like this!

Comment by RaiD KO

What annoys me more is the fact that they play a BGM and after a few seconds it totally cuts off with no background music at all and after another few seconds another BGM plays..I mean, yeah in the game it was like this because the characters had their own BGM’s and with every attack it changed, but in Anime It’s just stupid.

Comment by Itamaki

I respect your opinion and all, but really…complaining about the music when all of that great mecha action is going on? Shouldn’t it be awesome enough that they included pretty much everyone’s BGM? I understand being sour about the good ol’ Huckebeins being left out, but complaining about the BGMs? I guess you can’t please everyone. If you think it’s stupid, easy fix…stop watching. The rest of us will enjoy a rather surprisingly well done SRW anime series.

Comment by KyriosArios

damn,they just don’t want t keep the original design of huckbein.And i have a feeling that the storyline of this series will be shortened,the storyline seems to be ‘fast-fowarded’ somewhat…

since when ibis has boos?awesome lol….

Comment by captain bosch

You didn’t understand, I never complained about the anime, I love it to death. And I am one of the few who not complained about it
(never complained about the artstyle or something else).
I just wanted to point out something, which would be better if it was made different. In the end no Super Robot action is perfect without the sexy BGM’s, they just cut out so fast..would be better if you could listen to them longer.

Other than that I have to agree that this is really a good made show and that if someone doesn’t like it, he/she shouldn’t watch it.

Comment by Itamaki

SRW OG EP 10 link RAW
one of the best episode I watched so far

Comment by mark RJ

it’s strange, SRW hotnews never late about news especially SRW anime….hmmm maybe there is a problem here.

Comment by Blanbahn

there may be a problem because its still not updating up to now

Comment by mark RJ

This blog is DEAD

Comment by Amuro

WOW for the ratings.

Comment by Amuro



or this is just temporary ?

Comment by Blanbahn

err,does anyone know where to download ep 10 english subbed?or it haven’t released yet?

Comment by captain bosch

another original robot… how many we’re going to get?

Comment by D4rKoV4

@captain bosch
you could just grab it at any ddl anime site like animetake or whatever…
or just grab it at

Comment by animenyo

No SRW fan even bother to vote, i guess ^^’
(no srw fan bother to search for ep from tokyotosho and other torrent site either)
Make all people think this show only for fans

Comment by animenyo

go to nyaa torrents and download it there

Comment by mark RJ

still no updates till now?? AMAZING!!

Comment by Amuro

seriously what’s wrong with this traffic-jam of updates ?

come on, are the super robot wars forum start to dying now ?

first Daitrombe, now this……come one don’t makes SRW franchise lost.

open up, open up !!

Comment by Blanbahn

It’s stage 11 already :p

Comment by .

this blog is dead! just go to randomc or forums – animesuki/srwg

Comment by Amuro

Episode 11 -Raw-

Comment by Granseal

dead ? no update?….

Comment by zmil

somethin happened to mr.srw?what happen to this blog anyway?

Comment by captain bosch

Ep 12

Comment by Amuro

Ep. 13

Comment by Granseal

this blog is dead….

Comment by zmil

Oh friggin fuck! I don’t know what to say except that Ep.13 is probably the damn best episode so far!
Too much awesome guys and mechs(Vaisaga!!).

Comment by Itamaki

More of the same battle wise this week. Every time a fight would break out, some new mobile suit would arrive at the battle and launch a sneak attack. The director of this series has no idea how to handle battle scenes.

Childish anime.

Comment by Rukia

i cannot hold my saliva that coming out from my mouth to watch this episode !!!
seriously what’s wrong with this traffic-jam of updates ?

Comment by plastic cards

there may be a problem because its still not updating up to now
it’s strange, SRW hotnews never late about news especially SRW anime….hmmm maybe there is a problem here.

Comment by Ceramic Tile

a new blog for super robot wars,
pleasssss help white any news,info or anything that has a link withe SRW world

Comment by ikki28 everything about Gundam Models and PVC Statues!

Comment by JapanMeisters

Comment by ikki28

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