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Super Robot Wars A portable
January 30, 2008, 2:53 pm
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Famitsu have revealed  surprising that is Super Robot Wars A portable for PSP !!!!!

It’s remake from SRW A GBA, 2d map same as XO,GC

Release date 19 June 2008

Series list:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam : The 08th MS Team
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 : Stardust Memory
Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam : Char’s Counterattack
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Gundam Wing : Endless Waltz
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
UFO Grendizer
Getter Robo
Getter Robo G
Shin Getter Robo
Voltes V
Zambot 3
Daitarn 3
Metal Armor Dragonar
Banpresto Originals


Hi-res scans

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Nice ^^

Comment by zato

There you go! Thanks for the second pic!

Comment by greato_boosta

Newly made SRW A ?? This is made for win !!
I can see mighty Axel again, this is just great!
so we have 2 remake games, is that what Terada said ? man, i hoped for something new, oh well…

Comment by NT1

Sorry, since Alpha is a fake, then we are having 1 “new” SRW title, there are hopes for other 1

Comment by NT1

I am not sure about alpha.

I think alpha port is fake.

Comment by superrobotwar

Two titles were announced: a port and a new srw. Now we have discovered which game is ported. Let’s wait for the new title, hoping it will have new series and wonderful Banpresto Originals!!!

Comment by Folka

damn thats hot! alpha + mx graphics nice….

Comment by chris

WOW COOL!!!! I want it but dont have PSP…

Superrobotwar, do you know good PSP emulator?

Comment by besi_tua

Seriously, a remake or a transfer from GBA to PSP shouldn’t be made such a big deal, the real catch is lurking around beneath the waters. After more than 2 years of squealing at OG characters, now we’re back to square one again playing fanboys at grampa and daddy mechs. April is coming soon and SRW is hanging on the line…

Comment by codename:v

No PSP emulator real working.

Comment by superrobotwar

Codename:V – well there are always hopes for the new title, SRW P-A might not be something incredible, but it doesn’t mean it is bad at all, like there’s only SRW title I know with “Ai Senshi” BGM and i would like to listen to remixed version of it
Btw. emotionless face sets, damn you Banpresto

Comment by NT1

No Gundam 00…no Gurren Lagann…
Phew…it’s better for me since I don’t have a PSP and in case these two series were included, I would have bought a PSP…

Comment by Shaddix

Good thing i bought a psp last month XD

Comment by zato

I don’t think we are going o see Gundam 00 or Gurren Lagann in a SRW so soon. At least not untill 2009-2010!

Comment by Rom Stol

Yeah, Gundam 00 ends by 2009. So we might as well expect it to appear in a SRW game by that time.

Comment by zato

Isn’t the ‘Portable’ subtitle abit…redundant? > It was portable before >>;

Comment by Anonymous

Quite frankly, C-V, most of us are only here because of the “grandpa mechs”. Other than an OG, I will not play a SRW title that does not feature Universal Century Gundams. I just don’t care enough otherwise. You can piss and moan, but those grandpa mechs are the one and only reason anybody out there buys Super Robot Wars. Deal with it, and if you don’t like it, play Armored Core. The Original Generations titles sold in part due to people fanboying over the robots that debuted in 6 year old games- In otherwords, new grandpa mechs. That’s the name of the game, and you can call it fanboying, but you’ll be pointing the finger directly towards the entire Super Robot Wars fanbase. While people do enjoy seeing new shows added, most of us still love the old shows and can’t wait to play with them again. This is what we want. If it’s not what you want, too bad, but frankly there aren’t too many people who agree with you, as I’m sure you’ve seen.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

Ignore C-V, he’s a stupid troll.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Why complaining even if you know it’s a port? Bah… At least speak when the new title will be announced!

Comment by Folka

Maxie: So you’re telling me that you only play SRW only if there are Gundams in it? And the only reason why people still stick their fingers on SRW are because of grampa mechs like Mazingers and Getters from their childhood. I see, it’s been more than 30 years, everyone has become old boys and most of you still haven’t grow out of it yet. PATHETIC.
Hello? Time keeps changing and every year new mecha lines are churned up while gaijins like you are still engrossed with grampa and daddy mechs. Tell me, do you want your children to play with your 30 years old toys again? I doubt they will even touch it and see it as garbage.
Folka: I’m tired of all these same old SRW stint which is a mixture of 70s, 80s and present mech animes and it has been going on for more than 16 years. It’s high time for a change now or just change SRW to SFW.

Comment by codename:v

CNV: the reason why they’re putting in any newer series is because this is a remake of an older game from around 2001.

And to clear up the whole “grandpa” mech thing, they use those series because they’re cultural icons in Japan. Having an SRW without Amuro is like having a Star Wars game without Luke Skywalker. It’s also because it’s cool to see older and newer series interact.

The reason why you won’t see current series for a few years is because Banpresto, as a tradition, waits at least three years before debuting a series, to avoid giving out spoilers. The target audience for these games aren’t people who are torrenting fansubs of these shows at the speed of light, they’re people watching these shows on their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th run.

Comment by Armetius

“Having an SRW without Amuro is like having a Star Wars game without Luke Skywalker.”

Y’know, that’s not necessarly a bad thing, Prequel Trilogy notwithstanding. One can have only so much Luke Skywalker in his life =P

But back on the point, yeah, it’s just a remake so it’s not worth getting one’s pants in a bunch. The other, undisclosed title, on the other hand…

Of course the whole SRW franchise is made by fanboys for fanboys, so of course it’s all about the series contained and your bond with them. Myself, I’ve been watching robot anime for almost three decades and I feel I’ve had my fair share of Amuro, Koji et al in my SRWs. So I say bring on the new blood 🙂

Comment by Conny

i hope there is agame on ps3


CV, The younger generation buys new stuff like Gundam Seed, the older generation buys old stuff like first gundam, and both play super robot wars because it has both. That’s been how it works since the start, and that’s probably how it will continue to work. W was marketed to a slightly younger audience and had all new stuff, but that seems the exception, not the norm. Most kids even in japan couldn’t read all of the kanji in these games- they’re written to a late high school level.

Mecha is all about nostalgia for it’s home market. That’s just the way it is. No, people havn’t grown out of it, and you can huff and puff untill you are red in the face and they still wont. Look around all of the fans of Super Robot Wars and see that nobody here really shares your sentiments, and they are unwelcome. Fans like what they like, and the only one being imature about it is yourself. Give it a rest.

Comment by Neolordmaxwell

Hmmm…looks kind of disappointing. Most of the animations and cut ins are all ripped from other games. I could already see some exact same animation sequence from MX, Impact, and Alpha 2 (why not alpha 3 instead?). This is just going to be like a combination of the other games except with A’s storyline, so this doesn’t feel new at all.

Comment by shady123

Ok this is a bit shocking but I’m going to play anyway hahahah


we might see R and D later -*-

Comment by kadej

Really, everywhere you go there’s bound to be an idiot that thinks he’s so cool when he’s trolling..

I’ll explain it as simple as I could so even codename v can understand it.


It’s non of your business if they want to play it and if they like those old mechs then who are you to judge them?

Darn Idiot.. -_-

Comment by Cobray

nice! we should have more super robot war games on psp. ^__^

Comment by jemmerts

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I will get it no manner wat!! I am a True SRW Fan 😛
Damn Codename VirginBoy! Guess he has no childhood and onli got Barbie dolls during he or she was a kid lol

Comment by RJ

[…] que SRW se destaca y además tendrá voces y diálogos nuevos. Pueden ver algunas scans en SRW Hotnews. La fuente es Majoria […]

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SRW W didn’t have any old Gundam in it and sold pretty well anyway :/

Comment by Anonymous

I get CV’s point, but I also understand everybody’s elses point. For example, do we have to put Combattler V in every SRW game? I consider myself as a hardare Gundam fan, but do we need a UC Gundam series in every SRW game as well? What about the other older mecha titles that have yet to make it in a SRW game? Banpresto feature older mecha titles to show fans what mecha titles that were available to fans in the 60’s and 70’s. If it wasn’t for those shows we wouldn’t have the great shows we have now.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

well, now we know the port… lets wait and see the NEW….
for C_:V,
i think your opinion were all very true..i know what you mean….and everytime a new or remake SRW comes out, in my mind, i have the same feeling of “man!not these again,its the same
Sh!T’ kind of thoughts..even when new sereies were introduced, i don’t have the exiting feeling when i was a kid and play the game all day long….
BUT, you know what i still buy every one of them….even i havent open some of them and play it, and probably dusting up somewhere under the TV. i still want to buy it….it is a way to express. “This IS my TRADITION” or you call it fanboy. no problem.
Becuase, when you grow older much older like me….like two of my youngest boys came out of bed and saw me play the ugly old robot game and ask “hey ba ba.why is that robot has beams and missiles shooting out of their belly button and boobies…”getter+mazingar girl” and i told them: this is what your oldman like when he was a kid. ANd bed time story have now became more interesting then ever before….even thought they still like transformers and pokemons.. (DAME)..
while i told them these ugly robot stories, how ugly their design, terrible music and i saw the glare on their tiny eyes looking right at me, made me felt, ‘that was how i felt like back in the days’….THat feeling is priceless….
Maybe thats what drive me to buy and support SRW..
or i am just another idiot fanboy….an very old one too i guest.
But i have such a great fun time telling my kids the old sucky robot stories every single time i play them or watch their dvd again and again…. i dont care what SRW become or going to be.
“It is a piece of my childhood, and a piece of great memory to share with my kids, grandkids….”.ANd the best of all they love to play with all my CHOGOKINs robots….eventhought they broke my latest Baikunfu….
i still like it…..and enjoy it every single time i hear my kids yell with some of the lines…’breasto fiaar’…. ‘Gettaa beeeammu’….. ANd ‘Amuro Ikimassu’….

Comment by NAF1WRSMI


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by besi_tua

Why would I care if old farts like you guys enjoy playing with grampa and daddy mechs over and over again for 16 years? Yeah, as long you enjoy it, who the fuck cares?
You can talk about nostalgia and tradition with it comes to memoribilias and old rusted tintoys, hello? Game is strictly business, not fanboys sextoys and if you don’t change with time, you would lose out. If there are such thing like the SFW religion, then I’m not surprised that you just have to whack any critics like MAD jihadists. Why don’t you SFW fans join Al-Qaeda?
It’s been 16 years and Banpresto still expect me to play with the same old grampa mechs, so Banpresto thinks that I’m an idiot and expect me to be part of the SFW village people. Then I ask myself: Why should I bore myself with a 16 year old faggot game?
It doesn’t really matters to me if you guys like to get your butts hurt with the same old SFW crap, SRW is afterall a very obsolete game and may soon cease to exist.

Comment by codename:v

You don’t have to bring out Jihad in this, you stupid ass hole.

Comment by besi_tua

So why do you whine everytime banpresto brings out something you don’t like? What? You’re gonna cry because you didn’t get what you want? That’s lame codename: v

If it doesn’t matter to you then shut up.

Comment by Cobray

Oh? So if SFW is not for jihadists, then it’s for VILLAGE PEOPLE who can’t stand other calling them FAGS and want to shut’em up. Now why gaijins want to act like RUNNING DOGS in front of nippons? No wonder there’s a anonymuthafucka’s been telling you gaijins to go to hell.

Comment by codename:v

Nah, that’s just you being stupid with lame ass comments..SRW if for anyone who wants to play’re just whining your ass off because you don’t get what you want.

Stop acting like a homo kid codename: homo V

Comment by Cobray

SRW, with or without my favorite mecha series in it, I still play it… WHY?? Because, what is really important there are the Originals… Not the Gundam, not the Getters… No, the Originals are the ones who are really important… I personally think we should focus our attention on the originals more than the others.

@codename:v – If you don’t wanna pick a fight with the Muslim community, you better avoid racist comments. If you’ve got a problem with the game, then don’t buy it, don’t make comments like that unless you wanna get yourself into trouble. Ok.

Comment by Just passing by

Jihad meants struggle in Islam but gungho idiots misinterpret it for warfare, you don’t have to tell me, I live in an islamic country and SFW fans live in cubicles getting laid and hatching plans to diss Valentine couples.

Comment by codename:v

A highly anticipated game….brings back memories of our childhood with great mechas/robots that we’ve love and fantasized to have and to be the pilot of. Makes me wonder if I’ll ever be a substitute pilot for the Cybuster in replacement of Masaki..hehehe! or of Gundam Dynames piloted by Lockon Stratos of Gundam00.

I would love to have a Super Robot War game with Gundam00 characters….they would make a more deep and serious storyline(as the pilot of gundam Exia,Setsuna F Seiei, is a muslim jihadist).

Mabuhay to all the Filipinos in the Philippines who support SRW games…and to us all SRW fanatics and supporters…Let’s keep those mchines moving!

Comment by Marvz

This codename V guy is just a troll…don’t
feed the troll.

Comment by Gaofrygar

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Comment by top mistakes

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