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July 23, 2008, 6:51 pm
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New Mobile Suit from Gundam Unicorn


HCM Pro 00 Gundam

HCM Pro Cherudim Gundam

HGUC Kampfer – August, 1,890 yen

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cannot sure, but from the pic, is that a dark unicorn(only guess name)? everything is similar to me.

Comment by judo0054

You’re right judo0054. The legs, arms, body are same like white unicorn. The different just it’s yellow not red. His face still blur. I wonder it has same head like unicorn too

Comment by Epsilon_013

a rival for unicorn. Bad news. ‘0’

Comment by judo0054

This dark Unicorn’s V-fin looks different from the original’s.

I think we’ll get a repainted MG Unicorn soon… XD

Comment by Ngee Khiong

just animate Unicorn already…

Comment by Anonymous

EE-Zulu. Geara Zulu with Z-Gock’s Arm Claw??

Comment by Epsilon_013

those aren’t Zgok arm claws. The claws
are mounted on the arm and the unit
carries two knives. The Zgok had claws
instead of hands with a laser cannon
mounted inside the arm

Comment by Gaofrygar

i think it is called ZEE-Zulu rather than EE-Zulu, than scan missed the “z”

Comment by Master P Rayer

oh yeah you right. I just see a glance. The knive look like thumb.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Whoa, first the return of the RedComet and now “Darth Unicorn”? Talk about turning to the dark side…

It’s been so long since I saw marine-based MSs and the last time was the Marine Zaku from ZZ Gundam anime. The AMS-129M ZEE-Zulu or EE-Zulu is no doubt an offspring of the Marine Zaku and Z-Gok, I kinda like how both hand-wielding knifes go well with the claws. What more, I can’t believe EF is still using old Aqua GMs from UC 0079 and most likely they are still using old Zeon’s Marine Zakus like they did in Zeta’s timeline.
About ‘Darth’ Unicorn, I wonder if we are looking at a face inspired by Katoki’s Devil Gundam Isle from G Gundam as she seems to have more V-fins than the Unicorn. Looks to me, ‘old boy’ Siam Vist is the pilot of Darth Unicorn.

Comment by codename:v

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