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Super Robot Wars Z official site update
August 8, 2008, 11:49 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z official site has been updated in character section.

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Nice. Anyway, news from famitsu (Super Robot Taisen Z on magazine):

Here it is:

Comment by judo0054

Now that I finally get a closer at the OGZ characters, I find that the character designs are still too close to the older titles and resemblances are unavoidable as the artist tends to draw the same kind of face over and over again. Like Akane dressed up into looking exactly like Midori sensei.
As for the Vampire mech, one couldn’t help thinking about GEASS as it’s the current favourite and this vampire mech just came in at this time of GEASSized hot air. That’s why people couldn’t help see it as a Gawaine-inspired mech and you can’t blame them. Same as goes for the Gunleon, which is nothing more but a recycled Alpha 3 Varuch Ben with that oversized wretch by holding it like the Varuch Ben does. The only difference is that it got bigger and bulkier.
Seriously, for a professional mecha designer, how can he falls to such mediocrity? I guess the explanation lies in poor art directions like those 00 faggotries where not much efforts are put into making best selling works. But these faggotries are lucky to have running dogs sucking up to them and kiss their asses, so things are still not so bad as it seems despite a drop in NamcoBandai sales and profits earlier this year.

Mush you dogs mush! *Whumpa*

Comment by codename:v

Ehe, cv… you always talk about originality, but, looking at your devianart link, I can’t say at all that your mechs are original… Especially those south-east asian gundams…

Comment by Folka

“I find that the character designs are still too close to the older titles ”

HA HA HA. CV, are you retarded? You realize every SRW original character and mecha ever is just a knockoff of one of the animes they use, right??

Comment by anon

Given the series picked for Z, I think these originals fit right in. I keep saying I’ll pick Gunleon (aka Wrench-Bot) first, but who wants to play through SRWZ just once? The trio looks interesting as well.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Pfft, Cobray and Ingram were plenty original.
Being a Super Robot game where the original characters are based on archetypes and existing characters doesn’t mean some originality can’t be there. Stop excusing blatant laziness.

Comment by Amon

I’m totally satisfied with the designs
.Gunleon looks badass…the upgrade
should also be pretty awesome.

Comment by Gaofrygar

I want to play with the bad guys. Dam you Banpresto. Enough said

Comment by Daizengar

I keep my stand that the Black Mecha is more Cybusterish as much, i really can’t relate it to Gawain, beside the color, no matter how much i try, maybe the edgy and pseudo spiky desings is what really don’t let me relate it to Gawain’s Round “Non MP Geass Unit” style.

The only closest thing as a Geassish thing is that Cape and Robed guy that will be the black mech pilot, but considering that “dark, mysterious and poseable” anti heroes/villains are something from even before the 90’s in anime and games…lol for some reason i tend to think of this guy more related to Zio from Phantasy Star 4, maybe it’s the Dark Mage feel of his desing.

And now that i can see Gunleon’s feet properly, i would like to see the guy stomping an enemy unit or pulling a very heavy kick against his foes.

Ah CV a lil note, Banpresto doesn’t have only 1 mecha desingner, Character desinger yeah, but Mecha Desinger they have various, Katoki and Obari are famous names in all the artist that worked with Banpresto desinging or redesigning their OGs, so this isn’t necessarily all a 1 man/woman desing, maybe each OG mech have it’s own or the “Hero” units have 1 and the “Villain Units have another, considering that the Hero units are more into the mechanical style ala Real Robot or Yuusha esque Super Robot, while the villains fall more into the flashy fantasy esque SR look.

Comment by Metzen

To those that don’t know, CV is a troll who wastes his time writing run on paragraphs on EVERY big post here. Don’t humor him with attention.

Comment by Anonymous

Even lunatics have their moments of lucidity. What he says isn’t entirely hogwash.

Comment by Amon

A giant mecha with a gian wrench. Original! LOL!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

You’ve already answered yourself in your last post, two topics down…
Selective memory strikes again…

Comment by lxs

Actually I don’t see how CV is trolling this time, it is very good point. not saying I 100% agree but they sure could have came up with something better… Though the black mech is very similar to some other mechs, I still like it.
That said, Gundam Seed is basically the same. they use all the parts of other gundams, but there will still be fans and ppl who hate it. Over All I don’t like the seed series Gundams but I like the model of MG strike freedom.

Comment by realgundam

So far, I don’t like these originals. But I’ll wait until I see them in action before passing judgement.

Comment by thepyro

I think the red hair guy personality will like younger ZOE Dolores I protagonist.

The enemy have vampire theme?

Comment by ubr

Yeah its called I’ll Suck you Blood O;…;O

Seriously, who cares about that -.-

Comment by Big-O

I do. Vampire Knight, Kamen Rider Kiva, Batman (not exactly)…you know the trend.

Comment by ubr

Oh yeah, I’ve comment a little and the dogs are barking, which sound more like whimpering. Running dogs indeed…

After so many years of playing with grampamechs, I can understand how EASY it is to please SRW fags since all they want are more explosions, more flashy moves, more hotbloodness and most important of all, more Boobs Bouncings. Simple as that.
But I also find that there aren’t much spaces for SRW to venture into something new because of the way how the makers keep things conservatively and how narrow-minded SRW fags really are. Everything in SRW has to be the heroic archtypicals, living legends and there’s no need to seek new directions at storytelling. Wait a minute, there’s no need for storytelling at all since SRW only borrow and compress existing storylines into one big fanfic. That makes Terada’s the biggest fanboy who exploits on mecha animes and no wonder SRW has no identity of its own. As usual, SRW is weak without borrowed mecha animes and those who suck up at it sure got bad tastes in mecha designs like 6 years old being content with 00 and SEED designs. It’s sad to see so many signs of regressions in mecha animes lately, which probably one of the factors to Namco Bandai’s loss in the first quarter of the years and it’s gonna take a real major overhaul to make a turn-around. The only thing lies is whether are the FAGS game enough to take on new stuffs?

Comment by codename:v

CV is already in despair!

To CV,
please get lost, you are just wasting your life complaining about SRW, get over it and grow up!

Comment by RobodudeDX

CV is already in despair!

the second one looks like Victory Leo from Transformers Victory.

Comment by RobodudeDX

Then i suggest tat u dun play this game cv or u rot to pieces. I guess these originals are better than the SRW GC, GBA’s SRW R n D series originals

Comment by RJ

“It’s sad to see so many signs of regressions in mecha animes lately”
What a pity of you.
Hey Hey how about you make a new mech story and show anime and game industries how good you are. Maybe you can be recruit by them…

Comment by Knights

Because getting your own show is a sign that you’re somehow good? Really? Is that why so much crap is produced each year?

Comment by Amon

Sometimes i wonder if CV delusionally believes that Ranting and Insulting here will “shape up” SRW and the Mecha Genre his way on the japanese market…

Either way, in the originality sector he still lacks enough points, for not saying he doesn’t have any, and he isn’t a customer of Banpresto stuff like to have the right to complain about originality and believing he have the real way ot mecha making.

Comment by Metzen

I was hoping the more rants I make, the more NamcoBandai will be instigated to prove critics like me wrong. Unfortunately, none of that gonna happens because the faggots are way too loud until no one can hear what they’re saying. So just because I don’t play your stashes, does that mean I don’t have the right to voice out my opinions and criticisms? Of course, you faggots has all the rights to everything, including sodomizing each other and shutting others up.

Speaking of handyman mechs, I find that WALL-E is more interesting kind of mech. Cute, inquisitive and full of LOVE, this little guy has won many hearts including non-mecha fans. Unlike Gunleon which is based on recycled Alpha 3’s Varuch Ben, WALL-E is much more original in terms of design and that proves good storytellings are more important than banking on cool factors. Overall, WALL-E is better than Gunleon.

What is it SRW really got? A pile of borrowed grampamechs which are more than 40 years old? And a pile of compressed fanfics borrowed from copyrighted animes? Bouncing boobies strippers across the screen which are nothing more but shallow dumb whores? With so much trashes in SRW, how can the demographics be further widen to increase sales?

Let’s face it, by only giving fanservices to OTAKUS ONLY isn’t going to work out well, as otakus/faggots are only a small niche in this big gamers arena. Even professional gamers I’ve met aren’t so hot into otakus’ faggotries and they wonder whether you fags actually has brains or not.

If NamcoBandai wants my opinion, I propose to scrap the entire SRW fanboyism and remodel it into something else more original and other than a lousy turn-based RPG. Innovation is what needed for NamcoBandai’s turn-around, not some faggotries supported by FAGGOTS ONLY

Comment by codename:v

Yeah, but NamcoBandai will never want your opinion, they would probably ask someone with an actual Status like Tomino, Kawamori, Naghano, Nagai and the list goes on, And considering that you think that a robot from a “For All Family” Movie that is meant to be liked by everybody can be compared to a Piloted Giant Robot meant for “Giant Robots and Similar” specific target groups, it’s a good thing that will never happen and as i told you once, you will start from 0 if you ever hit it on animation and all, you won’t have a Tomino esque position, like to have enough status to give your opinions and for the producers and other directors to consider it, and i doubt you’ll ever reach that position, you really lack the manners to remain on the job too long before exploding for not agreeing with something of the production and getting yourself kicked out for not being tolerant enough and realize that sometimes you won’t be able to do what you want or impose what you think it’s right.

SRW was born as a Crossover made for the Fans, to connect generations of Mecha series and create an interesting story fusing all the series and making the story averagely acceptable and likeable, unlike other crossovers like Kingdom Hearts that for some fucked up Reason have Cloud and Sephiroth, aside of other FF characters, showing up with no other reason that “Lol we are playing the seek and find in all this dimension like thingies so you can have us as bosses or allies”.

SRW OG was just a derivation from SRW itself, a nice and interesting idea that still is developing and is a refreshing aspect, yet it isn’t the main concept behind SRW.

CV if you expect SRW To be the same kind of game than the Tales saga, the Final Fantasy saga, the Dragon Quest Saga and so, you’re doing it wrong. SRW was made by Fans for Fans, that’s how it works and no matter how much you complain that won’t change, SRW isn’t a Main Stream game, it’s a specific game, the same way the anime games aren’t necessarily mean for main stream but for the fans of those animes, it’s the same logic, and if you can’t just accept that, keep on paying attention to SRW related stuff will only make you be angrier unnecessarily for stuff you expect to happen because you think it’s the right way when it isn’t necessarily.

At the end, your beef with SRW is ironically against it’s very essence and core, you’re hating SRW for being SRW, not for being a bad game or anything, and that’s why your rants will never be heard or fullfilled, basically you’re doing the same thing than asking Kingdom Hearts to drop the Disney and Final Fantasy aspects, Final Fantasy to suddenly become a science fiction RPG without a single trace of fantasy, phantasy star to not have a single trace of Dark Falz or the trademark races, Warcraft to stop using the occidental fantasy medieval setting, Doom to drop the Hell themed monsters and remplace them for fully mutants or aliens, Gundam to not have Gundams even though they leave the name for the title, Macross to drop the transformable fighters and SDFs and only use normal space ships and space fighters, and many more, you’re asking for taking SRW’s essence away, and that’s something you’ll not get.

Comment by Metzen

…You know, you’re the biggest otaku of all.

Comment by thepyro

Bravo! you’re smart CV!
“WALL-E has won many hearts including non-mecha fans.” If you see WALL-E, is there any war scene just like gundam?
That’s because WALL-E is family movie, rather than i said kids. The target is all age and all gender. Not like SRW, if you not mecha mania ot mecha lover, you won’t like the game.
And about originality, why don’t you speak that TX series from terminator and I-Robot is original design.

“Let’s face it, by only giving fanservices to OTAKUS ONLY isn’t going to work out well, as otakus/faggots are only a small niche in this big gamers arena.” Because they don’t translate it into english, so the western gamers are hardly to play it. Just Like most of Gundam games, it’s only few that’s translate into english. Even your favorite Gundam Battle series not translate into english. But thanks for easier principle by search-shoot and destroy all what’s in front of you.

Comment by Knights

I prefer watch Terminator 1,2,3 10 times than watch WALL-E.

Comment by Knights

For me Armored Core’s parts are the best design for basic mecha originality. Simple and cool.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Thankfully NamcoBandai will never ask your opinion CV, since you’re a nobody like all of us, you aren’t a Status Name like saying Tomino, Kawamori, Naghano, Nagai, Ishikawa, Katoki, etc.
And seriously i doubt you would ever reach such a status no matter how good you draw, you lack the manners from what we can see, and i highly doubt you’ll be able to stand being what everybody is at the beginning, an underdog that lacks of any weight to state their opinion and make the higher ones take it in consideration, you’ll start from 0 and you will probably not last much, with your attitude and notorious repulsion for a lot of stuff from the Mecha Genre, you would probably explode early and get kicked out for not agreeing with something you don’t like and think it’s 100% wrong, even though it isn’t necessarily the case and it’s just your opinion trying to be imposed as a fact. And besides it isn’t like you have good ideas either, all the “Original” stuff i saw from you are either Gundam derived somehow or the typical “HAI i’m fixing yur stuff, cuz i think you suck and i’m many times more better and know how to do it, even if that’s an opinion that isn’t necessarily a fact and many would argue about it.”

Hating and Ranting for SRW being SRW, a Mecha Genre Crossover that combines classics with newer series in a averagely well done story that rarely lacks of a good reason for the series to be there (like what happened on Alpha 3 with Virtual On or the way they introduced Macross 7 there). SRW OG was a derivation, a great idea, still developing and that still will spawn more games as the time goes on and the OGs keep on growing in numbers, but it isn’t the Main Concept behind SRW, so it will never completely remplace the Crossover SRWs at all, just work like a nice refresher.

Honestly CV, you’re beyond delusion, i’m not sure exactly what you expected from SRW the very first time you made contact with it or have heard of it, but i bet you were really mistaken, expecting anything else of SRW, besides periodically changes to the gameplay, newer graphics, new OGs and new series introduced, is doing it wrong…..very wrong.

Asking SRW to not be that is like asking Final Fantasy to drop the Fantasy aspects and do pure a Science Fiction Story without any single trace of fantasy, magic, etc., Doom to drop all the Demons and Hell Forces as enemies and remplace them as mutants or aliens (and we saw how stupid was that with the Movie), Warcraft to drop all the Occidental Medieval Fantasy theme, Gundam to not have a Gundam unit and just have it as title, Macross to not have transformable fighters and ships and have normal ships and fighters like an average space opera, and many more, basically you’re asking for the essence and identity of something to be taken away because you say so.

SRW may have a lot of flaws like many other franchrises, and may not be aimed for every one like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, etc. Yet that will never be the case because it’s a specific aimed game, like those anime games that are meant for the fans of those animes, SRW follows that logic, made for fans of the Genre that will recognize some of the robots, not recognize the others and after playing they would go and investigate about this other robots or ask somebody to tell them, helping the genre to spread. Still SRW is probably one of the best Crossovers around, even with it’s flaws and problem, it still beats ways of doing crossovers like the Kingdom Hearts way, that have FF characters popping out of nowhere without a much developed story and just being there “representing” square, even though it feels out of place without any good base, or the typical “VS” Fighting games, like Marvel vs Capcom, that are fun games in general but lack of a well done story and are meant to be just a entertaining game, but nothing more.

Comment by Metzen

Babelfish fight ftw!!!

Comment by Gaofrygar

Okay this i had been wondering this for some time, What is a “Babelfish Fight” ?

Comment by Metzen

A babelfish is a plot device and creature from Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Babelfish fight, I’ve no clue whatsoever.

Comment by Amon

And because someone is complaining negative views and CV start the trolling… It’s like this so often on this forum. CV didn;t start trolling on this topic, so both sides are at fault here… they are all the same…

Comment by realgundam

Realgundam it’s not about having negative views but the way you state them, we may agree in disagree in this site but i don’t see the level of offensive behaviour between people who do not agree here that the one i see when it’s “CV against Someone” and it’s mainly CV being always offensive and the other guy either A) being a Troll too B) being tired of his insults and rants and giving a piece of his/her mind.

Comment by Metzen

I was alluding to the point that CV
uses babelfish cuz his english is
not so good.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Gaofrygar: Of course my vocabulary isn’t good as you, since only faggots can understand their languages.

Metzen: Being in a sea of rabid nerds/faggots, it’s compulsory to submit your loyalty and say only nice things to whatsoever. Going the opposite will result in getting flamed by the same kind of rabid fags. Some kind of manners displayed here…
This is probably the 3rd time I saw a fag who whined like a jilted whore and at the end, hER whinessay makes no senses at all and still pointing fingers at people for trolling. Me against someone like You? I think your head needs an appointment with shrink to stop thinking someone like me is against you.

It always happens, everytime when I use the ‘FAG’ word and immediately, the fags jump in and throw fits like crazy desperate housewives. That probably means they ARE FAGGOTS. So it’s not me being against anyone here, it’s the FAGGOTS coming out of the closet everytime when they hear FAG. See? It’s all in your heads

Comment by codename:v

It is not like i’m against you comment right now. But your fav word, FAG, is too rude by someone reading it, don’t you realise that?
it’s like you never got teach about speaking manner in public by your school teacher or parents, dude. Better change that word to something better to said. Once again this is only suggestion. It’s up to you accept it or not, It’s not my business to change someone talking accent.
In “Upcoming next MG” your comment nicer than ever before.

Comment by Epsilon_013

“Of course my vocabulary isn’t good as you, since only faggots can understand their languages.”

Well, CV, since only you understand your understand your language, that makes you a faggot, right?

Comment by thepyro

So you are attacking me because your
english sucks? I’m sorry if the only
words you know in english are “fag”
and “douchebag”. Why don’t you pick up
a damn dictionary and start writing posts
that don’t sound like they were written
by a 4 year old with downs syndrome!

Comment by Gaofrygar

CV, You don’t need to follow the way of the people that like stuff you don’t, just don’t act like in 4chan that everybody Trashtalks the people who like stuff one don’t and act like if their opinions were absolute and lacking of flaws, aside of spamming the words “Fag” and “Faggot”, those 2 are insults, and using them and getting someone complaining about you using them doesn’t mean this someone is a “fag” that thinks you insulted them, you can get offended by something that is insultive for being insultive, even if you aren’t close to what that insult describe or you weren’t the one aimed for it, for example, i could call someone a “Son of a Bitch” and tell them that his/her “Mother is a cheap whore”, that could easily be, aside of highly insultive, wrong and not true, yet that being a far of the truth won’t make the person that i called that or the group of people i called that not feel insulted or someone outside of the discussion think that my behaviour is wrong and would state it. One can easily agree or disagree soundly to something, even call that silly or interesting, and point out the really notorious rip offs (like all the Death Note Based stuff in Code Geass that got too obvious at the beginning of R2), but going “How can you like that piece of shit? you must be retarded and a faggot for liking that crap!” is wrong and uncalled for, and that’s the way you always show yourself like CV.

Comment by Metzen

I think you are wasting your breath
Metzen. CV is a troll and he talks
smack because he knows it’ll get him

Comment by Gaofrygar

ok….First…this got way out of hand. CV., you’re totally entitled to your opinion of the game, although I think it went wrong when you started trying to justify your opinion. The truth is, an opinion is an opinion. Also to everyone that name calls……it only turned this into a nuke thread. Here’s my honest opinion which I won’t try to justify, if you agree, cool, if not I dun care. #1 I like the original male antagonist, fans have wanted a cybuster rival and now we got one. I personally find the guy in the red hair a bit fugly but…..he may gar and the mech may turn out to be really badass. I was a bit turned off by the other 3 protagonists cause they scream SRX team all over again, nothing against that….It just looks like it…..
So who cares? lets just wait and find out. =)

Comment by Captain Garlock

codename:v:I was hoping the more rants I make, the more NamcoBandai will be instigated to prove critics like me wrong. Unfortunately, none of that gonna happens because the faggots are way too loud until no one can hear what they’re saying.
Why should NamcoBandai have to prove anything to you? The president of the company, I presume? Or the little voice that tries so hard to be heard?

Comment by anon

codename v:Now that I finally get a closer at the OGZ characters, I find that the character designs are still too close to the older titles and resemblances are unavoidable as the artist tends to draw the same kind of face over and over again. Like Akane dressed up into looking exactly like Midori sensei.

Mmmm, so come up with a greater design and make sure NamcoBandai gets it, I’m sure they will try “very hard” to give your design the credit it deserves

Comment by anon

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