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This month’s Gundam Ace magazine
August 26, 2008, 9:15 am
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yeah…they kinda look the same. And if
I see a combining gundam I’m bombing
Bandai Japan.

Comment by Gaofrygar

No, there will be no Gundams combining.

Have you guys seen the prototype version of Seravee’s HCM-Pro? That head like thing is not a head, that whole thing is a BODY of the Gundam, just click my pingback for the picture.

Comment by Exia

It doesn’t makes sense if it was a head, a BODY does makes more sense

Comment by Exia

whoa.. from the hcm pro picture, it loos almost as though the seravee is piggybacked with a separate gundam. the “head” structure is the body and the arms are the seravee’s shoulder cannons.. even the legs and the waist are visible..

Comment by rpt011r

If the thing on Seravee’s back ends up being some sort of Nadleeh MKII, I’ll be so hyped. It never really got a chance to show all it could do in season one, and the short time we did see it, I thought it was pretty badass.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

I can’t imagine “nadleeh” look like in seravee. the HCM-Pro design it’s better, especially ‘butt’ booster.

Comment by Epsilon_013

I have to admit, after seeing the HCM-pro design, I’m no longer fearful of a combining Gundam. I remember when the pics in this copy of Gundam Ace were first released and people were complaining about how UGLY they looked.

Chances are the pics are just a preview and a rough overview to what the final design would look like but each Gundam would have much more detailed (and better looking) artwork in the future.

Comment by Kniteowl

Any chance of a Gundam Ace issue DL this month?

Comment by Shinigami Grahf

The head-like part at the back has a folded V-fin lolx
Obvious give-away? Or a trick – –

Comment by Larxene_XIII

Larxene: it may not be a V-fin after all. After all Exia does have the 2 V-fin-like antennas on its torso as well.

Comment by Kniteowl

You know what? I think it’s better for all 4 or 5 Gundams combine into one huge 00 Psycho Gundam because it would bring some awesomeness and newness to the anime and shut up critics like me. Making another cheap Mobile Doll drones/doppelgangers like Taurus and Virgo would only get the anime with more rants like how Destiny repeating the FAILED Zeta EMO boys squealing and FAILED to outdo SEED. Jeez, why won’t they make animes out of Astrays? Those are by far the best looking designs from SEED.

Comment by codename:v

I’m kinda agree with code:v’s idea of combining Gundam. It seems intresting lol

Comment by amuro0093

Holy crap, CV praised something Seed. Oh lord, it’s the Apocalypse, innit?
But I do agree though. Astray totally kicked Seed/Destiny on the mouth.

Comment by Amon

Except now we have Astray raping the shit out of the franchise… BLACK FRAME, GO! MUMMIFIED LOWE, ATTACK!

Comment by Deacon Blues

There are red, blue, gold, and green. Now black?!
Yoo..! let’s make Astray sentai

Comment by Epsilon_013

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