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Full scans this month’s hobby magazine (bittorrent)
August 27, 2008, 10:12 am
Filed under: Hobby

Hobby Japan 10 , size 199Mb


Master Modelers 62 , size 63Mb


Total size 263Mb

Download torrent

Source: Ikunlun Model [昆仑模型区]

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Thanks for sharing 🙂

Comment by Epsilon_013

Thanks for the torrent!

but what happened to Model Graphix?

Comment by Steven

No have scan for Model Graphix in this month.

Comment by superrobotwar

Could someone who DLed this megaupload it? I tried to torrent it but its errored for me every time.

Comment by Shinigami Grahf

thank you!
we really appreciate the time & effort you take to scan & upload these ❤

Comment by Mika

anyone got direct download site…pls let me know.
Thank you…

Comment by onngun

thank u again 😛

Comment by chongo

someone have a megaupload/rapid share?

Comment by Anonymous

this torrent not working, pls re-upload or post again the torrent. Thank you…

Comment by axelfan

Thanks for your sharing.

Comment by Anonymous

There is something wrong with the torrent. Is there another new torrent for us to download? Thanks.

Comment by Han

torrent don’t works… my friends say it too… can you repost? thank from italy…^_^

Comment by aznabul

torrent is working fine on my end, much appreciated SRW! 🙂

Comment by xekueins

now works!!! thanks a lot!!!!!!!^_^

Comment by aznabul

sure o not…I already try but still not working at all.
Error: Tracker Response Error:unregistered torrent in Tracker:

Comment by onngun

still a problem…out of 7 trackers 6 are all STOPPED…..

Comment by Han

You have got to enable DHT Network.

Or try to download on utorrent.

Comment by superrobotwar

thank you again!

Comment by haha

utorrent helped, thanks alot for the help and the scans too srwhotnews. 😀

Comment by Han

i done downloading…thanks for the help..

Comment by onngun

Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded
[DHT] announcing… 1 8 0
[Local Peer Discovery] working 0 0 0
[Peer Exchange] working 0 0 0 offline (timed out) updating… 0 0 0 connection closed by peer updating… 0 0 0 Failure: unregistered torrent 18m 16s 0 0 0 Failure: unregistered torrent 17m 17s 0 0 0
udp:// invalid url 29s 0 0 0
udp:// invalid url 33s 0 0 0
udp:// invalid url 34s 0 0 0

Got error but again, its still downloading. Thnx for sharing !


Comment by sbhboi

Hobby japan 10 file hosting

Comment by Debris

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