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September 10, 2008, 3:07 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z [PS2]

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cool!!! but if equip with METEOR, I wonder how it looks like…

Comment by onngun

somebody leak this game PLEASE, I’m going Insane πŸ˜€

Comment by Daizengar

to Daizengar,

easy. do not be insane. Be patient. September 25 is on the way (15 days left). Be patient, ok? ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Another lame METEOR system again, those Orchis copycats are one of the worst units in Alpha 3 with lame weaponry which can’t be used after a move, terribly slow and have to be stationary to fire. Those SEED Gundams are not any better either without the METEOR with those poor evasions and hi-energy consumption. WORST Gundams in SRW history for I know of.

Comment by codename:v

SEED DESTINY was not in Alpha 3, you lunatic.

Comment by Milkman Dan

And SEEDS is not in SRWZ for that matter, only DESTINY. So you are whining for no reason. Again.

Comment by Milkman Dan

@codename:v : hehe, and you the WORST people in SRW hotnews imo πŸ˜€

btw, nice scan πŸ™‚

Comment by Alex

codename:v = SHIT

Comment by srwog

The seed units were useful in Alpha 3 until
you had to fight the stuff near the end
of the game. By then you were better off
using your supers. I think that Destiny
may be a lot more useful than SF in Z.
Its mostly melee oriented and should
have bunshin.

Comment by Gaofrygar

codename no one need your shit opinions

Comment by lunar2

I do agree that the METEORS weren’t very good in SRW on their own.
I wonder what’s up with the screenshot of Maria, though. Is there something important in the missing part?

Comment by Kouban

He did kinda have a point. For all the
power and flashy attacks the meteor units
had…the HI-Nu could dish out comporable
damage for…what 5 or 10 en per attack.
The Attacks were also kinda boring…I
preferred the seed units out of the
meteor units..If I can I’ll keep em that

Comment by Gaofrygar

BTW, what is the system in the article?

Comment by Gaofrygar

it seems like the ace bonus when you reach 50 kills and the other one is the bonus gained by adding units to a squad

Comment by zengar

my bad having a second look the pics those bonuses are gained when certain characters are set in leading a squad

Comment by zengar

From that pic, when he/she become the leader of teh squad, male characters got 20% attack bonus while females’ decrease by 20%?o_O


Comment by BrianGeneral

i like this blog, it has jumped to top 100 blog now

Comment by honeyelize

Ok seriously this is really really stupid you all had worst people than CV and he comes back and makes a LEGITIMATE post and you all bitch about it.

@Milkman: He said METEOR system again and he did not mention anything about Destiny being in @3 in his post because the METEOR’s were in @3.

Anyways the Seed units were pretty bad in @3 compared to the other units in the game but only because there were so many better units in that game. They also weren’t that great in J or W either due to once again more overpowered units being in the game.

Please people read his post carefully before you post flames.

Comment by Darsh

Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong with CV’s post, either.

Comment by thepyro

View HOT TIP today

Comment by ryanroses

It’s not a legitimate post when he makes comments on a game that doesn’t even have anything to do with the Famitsu scans. So fuck you and the horse you rode on in.

Comment by Milkman Dan

What, exactly, does Alpha 3 have to do with Famitsu scans of SRWZ? Nothing, that’s what. Legitimate post my ass.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Katsuragi Kei is Bundoll with that’s leader bonus πŸ˜†
his skill is good with “Attack Again” (skill cost 1600 PP?)
…because of poor Orguss unit ..

Comment by Rancrosider

He’s making a comparison to @3 because the Seed units were in that game as well. Don’t try pulling the Seed=/= Destiny because they are practically the same.

All he was saying is that since the METEORS weren’t that great in @3 they will be bad in Z as well because METEORS are in both series.

Honestly there has been wwwwaayyyy worse people than CV and honestly besides his hate for “Grandpa” robots he is pretty knowledgeable.

I’ll repeat once again to make sure you get it. He’s making a legitimate post just saying that due to them being bad in @3 they will probably be just as bad in Z. By them he means the Strike Freedom/Freedom docked with a meteor and the Infinite Justice/Justice docked with a meteor.

Comment by Darsh

They will be just like most reals…
good in the beginning but not as
effective as a super robot at the end of
the game

Comment by Gaofrygar

And CV is right about the seed units.
The meteors have hardly any Post movement
attacks and other than that they have
2 or 3 good all or map attacks at the most
before running out of energy. But this is a new
game and who knows what the stats of the Destiny
units will be. I’m hoping that Destiny itself is
a beast. A melee oriented real robot with high dodge, after image and lots of weaponry…

Comment by Gaofrygar

Turn-A Moonlight Butterfly vs Destiny with Wings of Lights system…wow, flashy.

Comment by ubr

I hope there is an event involving that…

Comment by Gaofrygar

yeah, we’ve all seen the METEOR system for this game, so we just say its equal to @3’s one…

Comment by Big O

I’ll repeat once again to make sure you get it. He’s making a legitimate post just saying that due to them being bad in @3 they will probably be just as bad in Z.

I said this earlier already it’s just a prediction

Comment by Darsh

well codename.v is everywhere. i think i saw him/her on ngee khiong’s gundam blog too

Comment by whiner

Yup! You’re right. It seem for long time he/she had been there with same attitude. But i don’t care.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Getting back to the article, the entry about Maria is saying that adding certain units to the squad will give bonuses, which is probably the HP/EN refill effect we have been seeing for a while now.

I love the SRW franchise, but sometimes these attempts to market old systems as new (ie. SR point system) rather than actually DOING something innovative (ie. twin system in OG) is kind of discouraging for fans.

Comment by gelleetin

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