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Gundam 00 2nd TVCM4
September 14, 2008, 5:02 pm
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New Gundam 00 2nd television commercial.

Download (Hi-Res)

Youtube (Low-Res)

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first comment, woohoooo. October 5th. Cannot wait. ^.^

Comment by judo0054

Few more weeks to go, hope 2nd season won’t disappointing the audience.


Comment by sbhboi

I think i won’t be dissapointed like SEED Destiny

Comment by Epsilon_013

The hell is up with that pic of the 00 and Seravee? What’s with the glow?

Comment by Amon

00 kinda stuck in the building (don’t know why) and seravee give cover fire.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Too much glow… That was my first thought though and is likely the answer. Still looks a bit bizarre.

Comment by Amon

Setsuna needs to get new clothes…

Comment by lxs

i’m slowly liking arios’ head design. looks pretty new and unique

Comment by flamerounin

Hope second season is good as first.

Hoping it won’t turn into an epic failure like Destiny.

Comment by shady123

So far,at least to me, the overall
quality of 00 is a lot better than
Destiny. The writing is better, the designs
are better…everything is just better. I hope
that quality stays consistent in the second season
but I don’t doubt it will.

Comment by Gaofrygar

Maybe. As long as they keep war veteran like Sergei and not kill that type character in favor of new bishonen/bishoujo with zero experience but got Hi-Tech prototype MS.

Comment by ubr

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