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Kit preview: Daizengar 1/144
September 20, 2008, 12:22 am
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Ga Graphic has preview Daizengar 1/144.

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He is huge compared to Alt Aisen. Super cool details. xD

Comment by Daizengar

That’s a monster! In a good way. ;D

Hopefully Kotobukiya improves their material for this one (as my non-scale version suffers from that).

Comment by BD

Anticipating CV’s eventual rant, this guy is a true waste. They should have spent the time making this beast into building the Dis Astranagant. The true shame here is that most will probably not care…

Comment by Amon

Go buy the Volks Dis Astranagant resin or its recast and quit whining. It’s all ready for you but it’s a question of whether you are willing to put in the effort to do it up.

Comment by Anonymous

Resin blows. Shut up. I want an actual kit. It’s not an unreasonable request.

Comment by Amon

R-1 and Ausenseitter previews are also out 🙂

R-1 looks sexy~ x3

Comment by WOWOWEE

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