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R-1 1/100 released!
September 30, 2008, 9:52 am
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Kotobukiya SRW OG R-1 plastic kit scale 1/100 now on sale.

More info at Hobby Search.

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they need to make 1/100 R2 and R3 too, and fully combinable.

Comment by realgundam

With Kotobukiya’s stingy-poker attitude and spamming schemes, you can only keep wishing for it. What more, this 1/100 R-1 doesn’t has the build-in combining mechanisms because Koto don’t have the expertises like Bandai does. So forget it.

Like I’ve said earlier, if you ever bought this 1/100 white elephant, don’t go crying over spilled cashes. As for me, I’m going for the VF-25.

Comment by codename:v

It doea matter to me.Like it,buy it…That’s all.Gundam model kit began from 1985-1986 if i’m not wrong and SRW kit from 2002-2003.That’s why they better,but i think just for now.We don’t know what will happen in the future right???.And one thing for sure,1/100 (and 1/144) from Kotobukiya is more pieces than 1/100 Banzai…

Yeah,i think they will make R2 and R3 1/100 so we can make a cobination….

Comment by GhostVN

The age of kits being a point for superiority is the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard. Being newer, they have an issue for being better, not worst. Master Grade technology has been around for a decade but despite improvements in flexibility it is still the same basic technology. Kotobukiya’s SRW line is of a crap quality and has not improved at all in these few years. Meanwhile, you can compare the Freedom MG kit and the new Impulse MG to really understand how Bandai made itself the superior manufacturer when it comes to Plamos. For their price, scale and quality, these kits are garbage. They’re basically No Grade kits with a few more parts and for a third more of their total price added in.
It’s a shame, really. Their kits look good on the surface and Kotobukiya can definitely do surfaces better than Bandai but their frame work is horribly poor. I sincerely hope the Linebarrel kits can live up to their Manga counterparts in terms of quality.

Comment by Amon

I think the phrase is “crying over spilled milk” not “Cash” (you can’t spill cash) because the phrase won’t work properly if you take away a part of it, After all it would still mean “Complaining about a loss”, while remplacing it with “Cash” tends to kill the metaphorical meaning of the phrase.

And what’s the deal with all this “elephant this, elephant that” you always use in your arguments? because the closest thing i see as an “elephant” is the size of your arrogance and ego

Comment by Anonymous

Seem like you don’t have all of the MG Gundam man!The quality of Gundam model is much better after 2002.Before that the quality is just the same in more than 10 years.So what the point??My point is Kotobukiya is new in this kind of work,so just give them time!If Banzai and Kotobukiya share the same idea between them then i have nothing to say…Even Banzai will taked nearly 25 years to show us the better so why we don’t give Kotobukiya the same thing???

Comment by GhostVN

What does the VF-25 have to do with this kit? Yeah, sure they’re both transformable kits, but the method of transformation for both are completely different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

As far as the argument of Bandai plamo vs. Kotobukiya plamo, overall it’s no contest…Bandai is definitely superior, but I agree with GhostVN in that Bandai has had way more experience with creating plamo kits, so a comparison between the two is pretty unfair.

I don’t own either a 1/100 Kotobukiya kit nor a Bandai MG kit, so my opinion might not mean much at all. I do own a couple 1/144 HG 00 and SEED Destiny kits as well as the 1/144 Weissritter, and I gotta say that the Kotobukiya kit is superior to the Bandai kits as far as color separation goes, though the Bandai kits have the slight edge as far as posability and are cheaper. I’m just going by common sense. The more time you’ve had to work on something, the better you’ll be at it. Once Kotobukiya is able to take the time and develop better techniques, I’m sure the quality of their kits will improve drastically.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

mep.. I’m just saying that’s what they should do.. I still haven’t build some kits I bought 1/2 years ago… couldn’t find the time and interest to do it… On the other hand, just finished watching code geass and must say that it is muuuuuuch better than Gundam 00… not to say I don’t like it….

And few days in SRWZ, it is surprisingly better than I though, though it still has its share of weak point, they FINALLY added different animation for air to ground attack and vis versa… this should have been done AGES ago… What they need to do is bring the next title to PS3 and use 25-50 Gbs of space to make it awsome….. XD but it also means no ISO for us 😛

Comment by realgundam

[…] SRW Hotnews announced yesterday that the 1/100 EOtech R-1 model kit is already on sale. Along with it was a link for the merchandise pics. I waited till had the pics up in their site because it’s easier to view the pictures there, IMO. […]

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“Kotobukiya’s SRW line is of a crap quality and has not improved at all in these few years”
“…so why we don’t give Kotobukiya the same thing???”

@Amon: I agree with GhostVN justgive kotobukiya change to improve
@GhostVN : Like Amon said, i don’t understand why SRW line product are like “2nd grade plamo” not like Zoids and Armored Core line product.

Comment by Fighters

The problem is Kotobukiya use the China plastic for all of their product so the quality is not the same level with Banzai.If they they change it(like Made in Japan) i think it much much better…just wait anyway!

Comment by GhostVN

If you got ca$h, and you willing to buy it, by all means, go ahead. Yes, Koto’s plastics suck, but the amount of detailing IMO is quite good (pre-painted 1/144 mecha face, Bandai don’t do that). I would buy the VF-25 ( if its not so f***ing expensive.

Comment by BD

I don’t thing it not expensive man.The Pre-order of VF-25 1/60 is 12,600 yen(90$).It’s too expensive for that.If it low the price,i will take the whole model kit from Macross Frontier seri…Ahh,One of the best 3D mecha anime ever…:D

Comment by GhostVN

OHH.. China plastic. 1st grade plade plastic of model GD? :p

Comment by Epsilon_013

Unfortunately, I have to respectfully disagree with some of the comments posted . I don’t wish to ruffle feathers, etc….”Chinese Plastic”?? I believe some of the comments that mention Kotobukiya’s lack of quality may actually refer to engineering i.e. lack of internal skeletal frame, articulation/posability and not material plastic. Whether a model is manufactured in China or Japan, I certainly believe that Kotobukiya uses the same injection mold process that other companies use (Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima, Hasegawa, Bandai). While comparing a Koto SRW Alteisen manual and a MG God Gundam manual, the actual plastic materials would seem to be the same used in any other model. Most kits use a combination of PS (Polystyrene), ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) for Poly-caps. Zinc Panic has a great breakdown of which plastics do what .

Now whether you are a snapper or a full-on scale modeler, or somewhere in between, I would like to urge fans to seriously consider the fact that most of the SRWOG releases have only been resin garage kit’s up til now. We’re living in a time where we actually are seeing our favorite giant robo designs cast in affordable plastic. Pricey at times, but by-and-large affordable in comparison. Perhaps it’s time to slow down a bit and take time to appreciate a nice 1/100 Wildwurger sculpt by applying some basic scale modeling skills. Danny Choo has a nice tutorial for folks on the go.

Maybe when ready, some might enjoy some applying more advanced techniques.

Now, all that being said, I do have some criticisms or rather misgivings about the SRW Koto Releases. First off, if you got any of the resin GK releases of the first 1/100 R-1 or WW or even the Huke’s, you may have gotten hosed. Certainly took me by surprise when they announced the R-1, but it was a welcomed surprise. 2nd- I would also like to see Koto engineer more internal framework into their 1/100 scale kits. Especially for the price. Thirdly, while it would’ve been nice to incorporate the SRX transformation component into the R-1, I was hopeful, but not holding my breath. Perhaps they’ll get it right for the fans someday.

For what it’s worth, this R-1 release looks nice!:P

Comment by Anonymous

And BTW, the 12K 1/60 VF-25 is an action figure. The model kit is 1/72 and costs 4500.

Comment by AceWhatever

Panic Attack Kit…

Found your blog on yahoo – thanks for the article but i still don’t get it….

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