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SRW Z first week sales!
October 8, 2008, 3:00 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z has sold over 500,000 copies!

Source: +Dgames, Dengeki,

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great.. now they have 2 more series for OG characters…

Comment by realgundam

Good going, Zed.

Comment by Anonymous

Now it’s the same as SRW Alpha 3 used to be.

Comment by Annonymous



Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Sol Gravion

As expected…
Now I’m on stage 57 Setsuko. The story’s just getting better and better

Comment by amuro0093

I’ll say one thing, this is definitely the SRW game with most different stages per character. I mean, they give you at least thirty unique stages for each and that’s not counting the variations in shared stages.

Comment by Amon

it’s amazing
now i’m on stage 40 withe the team gunlion
is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaat
thank’s banpresto

Comment by ikki28

No it didn’t, that’s the number of shipped units.

Comment by Anonymous

at CV…>

Comment by lxs

Bel risultato. Amagazing

Comment by Debris

i guess this is one of the best game selling for PS2. I got my copy and rated one of the most Expensive PS2 game i had! Hoping for better SRW game to come!

Comment by RJ

the girl main character and the guy main character at the final stage the at story they still fighting the final boss

Comment by soul

does it mean they are making SRW Z 2

Comment by soul

did anyone got the all roots
coz I got only 86% fene of the game

Comment by Orwah

does it mean they are making SRW Z 2

Not right away, their next game is Shin Super Robot Wars 2

Comment by Anonymous

Shin SRW 2? Do you have any source? Well I’ll be glad as long as it came in PS2

Comment by amuro0093

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