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November 26, 2008, 12:42 pm
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Super Robot Wars Z Special Disc (PS2)

Release date: March 2009

– MODE1 Battle Viewer
Combat scene viewing, Adjust terrain, BGM, damage freely.
– MODE2 Extra Stage
Short maps with scenario and challenge mode.
– MODE3 Library
Robot Encyclopedia, Characters Encyclopedia, Strategy Q&A, Glossary, Sound Select, Scenario Chart.
– MODE4 Special Theater
 Movies, original robot and character settings.

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Interresting… I was waiting for Christmas to buy SRTZ, but this disc seems good enough to wait some more. Any chance for a package with the game plus the special disc ?

Comment by Bobafeth

I thing about this serie do for Ps3.
I hear form somewhere.

Comment by Voice


Comment by amuro0093

Sounds like lots of stuff that wasn’t finished for the original release 😛

Comment by Troll ver. KA

SRWZ: Director’s Cut?

Comment by mag4

No game in this?

Just a viewer of everything in the original game.

Also plus some extra animations and bonus game plays.

I don’t get the point.

Why can they just make a Gaiden just like OG.

That basically the same thing but better with game plays.

Comment by ottoto

Uh, because OG Gaiden is actually a sequel to OGS and not a spin off? What exactly did you expect like three months after the game is out? A sequel?

Comment by Amon

3 years to make such a crappy game, good work Terada 😀

Comment by Anonymous

Don’t you guys think they should just focus on making a new game? This is just stupid.

Comment by amuro0093

crappy game? it’s a joke

Comment by bouboule

They have made similar products for many of their SRW titles… There is a reason why Banpresto is known as an money sucking ass company….

Comment by realgundam

@Bobafeth: dont get this, get SRWZ instead, or you will hit yourself

Comment by realgundam

Not only Banpresto, all company will do same thing if the can make some money with it. It’s markerting strategy. Like Bandai always make re-make old model or alternative custom colors. It looks like they want milking money (that’s true) for anyone who already buy it. But for who don’t buy it yet, like Bobafeth , it become alternative.

Comment by Fighters

dude, it’s not the company’s fault for wasting time to make this crap. the source of all evil are the retards willing to buy the crap.

Comment by XYZbuster

You have to know that Banpresto bring it up to the next level… yes other companies do it too, but there is a reason why ppl talk about Banpresto doing it instead of Sony or Capcom. These special disk is a major rip off and many SRW fans know it. Yes it is a marketing strategy call Milking the market. It is still true they are over doing it.

Comment by realgundam


People talk about Banpresto milking the market? I thought that was Nintendo.

Comment by thepyro

blablabla animation this animation that, please Terada just go away already…

Comment by Anonymous

Why isn’t the first page out in HQ? It’s already Saturday… superrobotwar, did you find anything?

Comment by Folka

yes Nintendo now is being called that sicne the late N64. Maybe you are too young to be paying attension when nintendo’s seal of quality is still on every game… Banpresto is famous for market milking…

Comment by realgundam

lol@Nintendo milking. It may be true, but any other corporation will do the same if given the chance.

The difference is, one is known for breaking the mold and innovating in a way that pleases even the most hardcore fans (Mario, Zelda, and in a lesser extent Metroid), thus I wouldn’t even call it milking. And the other, well… Look, shiny new animation!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

… How come all the trolls here have deviantart pages?..

It’s pretty obvious who realgundam is..

Comment by mag4

To be fair though, this is a somewhat unnecessary release from Banpresto.

Comment by mag4

@mag4: It’s trolling if we are just BSing. Reather you like what we are saying or not. So you think this is unnecessary, look at all those special disks that have for almost every SRW titles…

Comment by realgundam

And who do you think I am… I’m interested to hear. Maybe you are not as smartass as you think

Comment by realgundam


Comment by mag4

its only a special disc no more no less.
but about the original srw z is the best srw had been made. i played all the parts from the bigging to the end in all home systems.
simply most of the charecters in this game is looking better than thier original cartoon destiny gandams moves were not in the original cartoon it looks tottaly diffrent and grindaizer loooks cooler than befor.

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

I agree.. Z is well made.. It acutally have different animation attacking from different height and different animation for ground-robot attacking in the sky… something my firend and I had been complaining in older titles…

Comment by realgundam

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