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New kit reviews: HG GN Archer & Gadessa
January 8, 2009, 7:08 pm
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Last update: 10/01/09

HR GN Archer and HG Gadessa reviews from Plamo Life of Yudai.


HG Gadessa review from   Tasukuyuu blog.


HG Gadessa review from  Aoi Model Shop.


 HG GN Archer review from e-flick.


HG GN Archer review from Tasukuyuu blog.


HG GN Archer review from ホビーの虜


HG GN Archer & Gadessa reviews from Blog-like yard review.

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Any moment now, CV will bitch about this model. Prepare yourselves!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I really hope they don’t pass up a 1/100 GN Archer to go along with the 1/100 Arios

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

I would too. But, I find the Gundam 00 units are a “hit and miss”; There are some units I like, and others I wish they didn’t design at all. =b

I think I’m a little more ticked off that they didn’t animate the Astray series despite the two teasers they made. ;_;

Comment by Nameless

Horrible just like the show.

Comment by Gundam Unicorn

Oh yay! CV found a new name.

Comment by DarkCode

If Mr Bushido’s Ahead was last year’s worst looking Banpla, then the GN Archer comes in 2nd place. Poor design, weak concept and cheap remake of the G-Defensor from Zeta, Yanase should really commits harakiri for such poor delivery of work.

Comment by codename:v

>> DarkCode

Oh, how insulting. >=(
Because I like SRW doesn’t mean I HAVE to like everything about Gundam 00.

Comment by Nameless

Calling something “horrible like the show” seems like a pretty CV comment, though, why would you change your name again?

Also, the comment doesn’t add anything constructive to a discussion about a design that perhaps, maybe, other people might enjoy? If you are going to call something terrible, at least say WHY.

Comment by DarkCode

Go first CV, since your desings are even worst than Yanase’s, and you go and dare to claim that “they are better than the original” which is priceless in a wrong way.

Besides using your standars, Katoki should also do a harakiri for just grabbing the same units and making them more detailed or make non Gundams Desing too much Gundam like, or Obari for making all his robots the same, etc.

Yet we know that at the end, Katoki, Obari, Yanase, etc. are good designers with good works and that easily had done far more stuff and better material that you, with the fanartist liberties, had ever done.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

That’s not how CV comment… he always explain it with tones of reasons 😛

Comment by realgundam

>>>Dark Code

Oh sorry, I thought you meant me. I completely ignored the lame comment said below me… much like you should since it’s really a waste to bother responding to them. XD

Comment by Nameless

Gadessa’s gun is nasty. Nasty in a good way.

Comment by BD

This may be a silly question, but I wonder how well Gadessa can stand with the gun unit attached to its rear armor?

Maybe it’s the angle, but the gun already seems to be drooping to one side. I love the box art on this one.

Comment by BlueAleseides

no offence Anonymouse Za, but u should perform harakiri for attempting to put the troll named CV in the same category as great illustrators such as katoki, obari and Yanase XD

Comment by kureha

Definitely getting the Gadessa.

Comment by crimson_oath


Well i’m just using his logic, after all, he complains about stuff the mecha designers does and that he also does and in a worst way.

He obviously isn’t part of that high caliber, but he crticies aspects in mecha desings he actually does on his works, and to make matters worse he claims that he “does it better”.

That’s why he should be the one doing the harakiri first, since he’s commiting the same mistakes he critice so much and acts like if he had some authority or the “only formula” to desing mechas, when we know he doesn’t and he would probably never had it or be influential like Katoki, Obari, etc.

Comment by Anonymouse Za Third

Now now, I’m sure C:V’s just seeking attention since we’re all now derailed from the topic and were all talking about him, XD.

Back on topic: Gadessa looks sleek, I don’t really like the green in particular, but somehow it just works on that design ^^; Hopefully they’ll have a 1/100 GN Archer in the works though, I would like to stick that pack onto 00 Gundam, and I’m not too keen on Arios’ design to get it’s 1/100.

Comment by Guara

Gadessa box art looks awesome i say but the model can be somewhat questionable
to me Gadessa is just one of them mobile suits that only look good in the anime not as a model but maybe due in time i might get one
for some reason the GN Archer always remind me to be some sort of girl version of the GM in 0079UC
with super boosters!

Comment by Ereos


Yeah, I don’t like the green color either. Yet, the box art looks so much better. If this model was cheaper, I’d just buy it for the art box. XD

Comment by Nameless

the gadessa also has a black sorta color too i wonder if they will release those versions
like Tieria defeated an innovator who piloted a black gadessa

Comment by Ereos

Considering that this is Bandai, they will.

Comment by Nameless

the gn archer’s body looks a bit like the dssd astray from the stargazer series.

Comment by t c

I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

Comment by Enlargement

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