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Map screens of Super Robot Wars K
January 17, 2009, 7:22 pm
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Is there anyone who has the other scanned pages of SRW K in HQ??? superrobotwar, can you find them?

Comment by Folka

This is the best that I can do.

Comment by superrobotwar

Ok, thanks anyway 🙂

Comment by Folka

It isn’t changed even a bit since SRW A, it’s not like I have something against it, thought.

Comment by NT01

The maps seem to follow that of og2. Definitely a step up since the A days, but still, not by much.

Comment by Nabes

nothing diffrent… lol banpresto this DS not GBA! why don’t make something that DS can do…

Comment by nobodyknowme

DS is a great platform. Large user-base, low spec console so they can use that as an excuse to half-ass on animation, don’t spend money on voices actors, and no need to put much effort into story or gameplay (Super “easy mode” W comes to mind) since it’s a minor/secondary SRW.

But even when they put effort and time into it we get a crapfest like Z, so meh.

Comment by Anonymous

Go bitch elsewhere.

Comment by Nabes

Can you please tag this under SRWK so we can find it in the archives?

Comment by Kouban

any so we have new soup with old stuff again…

Comment by realgundam

More of the same, eh? Oh well…

Comment by AirMaster

What the hell is with all the Bitching ?

Goddammit, be gratefull for every SRW we get.

Comment by Nova MK X

Please don’t take me wrong, I rather prefer the simple stories that focuses more on character interaction and the simple gameplay of these minor SRW, than the artificially complex yet ultimately irrelevant storylines and battle systems of the likes of Z.

Comment by Anonymous

wow you really hate Z that much 😦 ?

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

He just has penis envy.

Comment by Amon

LOL, people attually expect great things from a DS system SRW?
Man, when did that happened?

I like every handheld SRW games. Fun on the go. Nothing beats that, Well, attually there were few.

ANyway, I am going to wait for this game. Looks great and SYMPLE.

But, I am still convince that there will be Another SRW game for Consoles after this comes out.

Comment by ottoto

I read last week at various japanese site about Terada mention that he really enjoy and have alot of fun making this simple game.. and he mention they’re will be more title release in this hand-held system…(hopefully)

I have a respect with you Terada! But no more MAP like this…

Comment by nobodyknowme

come to think of it how many times did they this same old MAP? 😦

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

Jesus, they never improve the screen!!!! at least do it more color full

Comment by anthonyhins

On the contrary, the formation System in SRW Z actually feels like a real Strategy game system rather than “CAST SEISHIN, HIT ENEMY, DODGE ENEMY, REPEAT” Choosing between Wide, Center, and Line felt like it actually took some thinking and planing sometimes.

And crapfest applies towards things like 00 PS2 where it’s there to make money, not a game that you can tell the creators spent effort and love towards like SRW Z.

But I guess I can’t stop bad taste.

Comment by codename ^

By the way, I suck cock too

Comment by codename ^

Until the next SRW comes out, I will be sucking my own cock in my room

Comment by ottoto

Comments deleted?

Comment by Yazan


Comment by بلال محمود

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