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January 29, 2009, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Gundam

Clear scan for Gundam Unicorn mechanic arts from Gundam ACE March.

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Still no infos about the new Neo Zeon MS next to the Sinanju in the previous episode…

Comment by codename:v

it’s usually you find it by yourself. because you always talked ‘fags don’t read’ if somebody ask ‘what is this, what is that’ to something that you already know

Comment by Epsilon_013

Thanks for uploading a better scan, i so was waiting it for the sake of having a better look on the ship General Revil.

Comment by Metzen

Hobby Hizack…lol.

Comment by BlueAleseides

The mobile suit that c:v is referring to is probably the “Rozen Zulu” which is piloted by Angello Sauper.

Comment by Deacon Blues

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