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[Kotobukiya] SRW OG Valshione 1/144 boxart
January 30, 2009, 4:53 pm
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Valshione 1/144 will be release on next month.

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:Grins: =D
This should be “interesting” to assemble. To be serious, I’m wondering about the range of movements that she/it could do, the hair looks… its going to hinder some movements.
To quote Luune/Ryuune: Iku-yo. CROSS SMASHAAA~!

Comment by BD

you could always try giving it nylon hair or something like barbies have, thats what i’m doing anyway, it should fix that problem

Comment by Macodaz

compared to the 1/144 dygengar this is nothing XD

Comment by Ereos

This still looks very retarded after so many years and mecha musunes are no doubt dolls for fags. Also, this Valsione is considered an obachan compared with today’s mecha musune, what a faggotry…

Comment by codename:v


See, posts like that question your sexuality (although, you sound more like a retard for using the word “faggotry” all the time)

Models, themselves, are really dolls, people like to call them action figures or some other name to conceal a standard axiom that dolls are for girl/baby girls. Really, V just needs to stop being a homophobic manlover. It’s riddled on every post he makes.

Valsione looks interesting to make. Obviously the face is going to throw people off, but overall, it’s a mech, just like the other SRW models. Still, Valsione isn’t my favorite, so I don’t plan on getting this ASAP. XD

Comment by Nameless

CV, they are still making RX-78-2 gundam in new models … 😀 At lease they are better than those models of many years ago.

neway, they are making way too much Valsione, where is Valsione R?

Comment by realgundam


Most likely after the Valsione. I think the Valsione was a practice test to see if the Valsione series would sell. Of course, I would love the Valsione Kai to come out. XD

Comment by Nameless

but no other Valsione were on OGs yet, so they wont make it.

Comment by realgundam


Well,that didn’t stop the Ar-Blade Custom or the Astalion from being made. XD

And my Mistake. I mean VALSION Kai…you know, the unit that Tenzan and Tempest went insane in.

Comment by Nameless

Such faggotry, but i’ll still buy one and have sex with it…

Comment by codename.v

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