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SD Gundam G Generation Wars new screens
May 25, 2009, 4:59 am
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SD Gundam G Generation Wars official site has been updated in Game System

and Unit page.

All images taken from A9VG.

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Whoa, Graham’s Overflag has the attack where he stole Eins Beam Saber!? or is it just a part of event battle?

Comment by Rekkou

Not to be a douche, but what’s the point of asking that, at this point?

Comment by Anonymous

Not to be a douche too, but i guess he ask about our opinion not the real thing, which i guess its an event battle as it took the same place as the anime

Comment by Anonymous

Molto belle! ?

Comment by Debris

very impressed ! the presentation is much better in this game compared to what was pretty mcuh teh same crap for 5 years! next step is to improve the gameplay! i hope they have more combo systems liek in the DS SD G GEN

Comment by t0fu

Old new is old. All you did was to take out the game screenshots from the main site. I just hope they bring up game play trailers. Because I really dont believe that this game will be released by this year at all.

Comment by Aldotsk

Nice! I can’t wait to use the Strike Noir in this game.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

The Frost brothers with the satellite lancher ready

Comment by ReinaMK1

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