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Front Mission Evolved Debut Trailer
May 31, 2009, 3:09 pm
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Front Mission Evolved Debut Trailer from E3 2009.

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The trailer is not as interesting as SE’s previous FrontMission titles, CG quality has drop in this one. Well, let’s hope the game won’t fails.

Comment by codename:v

Yup the trailer is definitely not on par comparing with previous titles. I suspect the game will have a somewhat weak single player element, and the main selling idea will be the multiplayer portion.

Still I had wished it had been a SRPG instead….

Comment by codename:v

I really missed SRPG version.
But well this look interesting enough and I heard that it was also on PC!?

Comment by = =''

Well at least now the game will actually resemble its opening movie in some fashion!

Comment by Anonymous

This game is published by Square, but it is being developed by Double Helix, an American company I believe. They haven’t really made any great games recently, so don’t get too excited about this 😦

Comment by Jerry k


no more strategic gameplay thingy? that’s the main selling point of front mission ever since!

SRW does not even par up to the gameplay and sheer graphics of this one…

Comment by aPerson

SRW has been the same old fanboyish 2D for the past 18 years, what do you expect out of some cash-milking mamasan named Terada?

I think SE should maintain QC with DH since it’s their game afterall, the screen shots from the XBOX magazine are somehow quite promising. Hopefully, this would turn out good.

Comment by codename:v

Nice. It’s not Xbox exclusive. It’s for the PC as well. XD

Comment by Nameless

Third-person action, hm? I rather enjoyed Gun Hazard, but this will likely fall into the Mechwarrior or Armored Core style of gameplay.

Armored Core fans will scream “AC ripoff,” and Front Mission fans will claim that AC is inferior dreck and so on.

But, although I don’t enjoy Front Mission as much as SRW, from an SRPG standpoint, I do find its mechanics to be a little more accessible than AC from the creation standpoint, so this will probably be a more user-friendly game than those (Which is fine. Armored Core feels just fine not catering to people who haven’t been playing since the first game).

Hmn, maybe I should go back and finish a few of those FM games.

Comment by Hiro

[…] Mission Evolved (PS3/XB360/PC) di cui il sito ha iniziato ha parlare nei giorni scorsi mostrando un primo filmato… Inserito in Varie su Gundam, Videogiochi , visto 0 volte, ha nessun commento Ancora […]

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