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Monoeye Gundam
June 6, 2009, 11:17 pm
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ZAKUDAM!!!!! ahhh the gundam world has fallen… gundams merging with its first rival unit the zaku….
NISE-GUNDAM!!! (reminds me of that sd nise gundam)

is this a new coming series or just a game
by any chance
i do think these mechs have a nice design cept the mono eye may take a while to get use to
but keep making me think “Zaku Gundam” which is like a super advance zeon unit… like as if…

Comment by Ereos

Look pretty cool, I heard about it quite sometime dunno if it’s the same.

Comment by LM

Monoeye Gundam quite a unique gundam in it’s designs, (I forgot which one of the ms has a I-field launcher XD) so whats new right here?

Comment by ReinaMK1

This I hope will stop codename:v from faggoting around.

Comment by codename:v

why does 77 holding that gun reminds me of Phantom?

Comment by realgundam

I need some more image to judge the new design. I will wait for new info 🙂

Comment by LL

This is actually a pretty old GGeneration and it’s either a Gameboy color version or a wonderswan. Technically, these aren’t even Gundams and more towards original individuals.

Sisquede was designed for mid-range assaults while the Dezpada was for close-range and lastly the Terra-Sono is none other than cyber-newtype used MS-MA inspired by the GP03S.

There weren’t much infos back then regarding with these monoeyes and I think only a few played this game before. The concept of monoeye Gundams isn’t new as monoeye Gundams or Zakundams appear before in SD Gundam comics as spies, gameplay wise is a traditional SLG and the story is closely tied with the Grysp war era. So it wasn’t new even back when it was released.

Looking back now, we can see how NamcoBandai’s SLG titles like SRWs, GGenerations and Gihren’s-Greeds are still very much the same old games after more than a decade of debut. Although NamcoBandai is the forerunner in mecha action games, there aren’t any innovations and breakthroughs with their Gundam titles. I must say, the mecha game market is overcrowd with Gundam titles and now everyone thinks mecha has to be Gundam. I really missed those days when we can find other mecha games titles other than Gundam’s like VirtualON, Quevadis, Cyberbots, PoweredGears, Megatudo, Powerdolls etc until the faggots from Akibahara flooded the entire market with bishies, now look how the bishies turn Gundam into a YAOI homosexual faggotry with titles like 00.

Really, you faggots are embarrassments like Taro Aso

Comment by codename:v


This isn’t place for him, this is for mecha fans not crazy people like him/her/it…

Comment by Anonymous

If you are a guy, I’d love to suck your cock and swallow your cum.

Comment by codename:v

i wouldnt classify them as Gundams due to the fact that the monoeye belongs to the zeon units like zaku,gouf,dom,rick-dom…etc
but i like the designs
wow they’re actually old?
it dont seem like it… due to the way they designed it… cos when i look back on old mechas they were really blocky like and all

anyways doesnt the LRX-077 looks like some sort of gundam X divider??
the upper body reminds me of gundam x and a mix of some sorta juggernaut gundam and gundam x
and the LRX-088 looks like a juggernaut version of a gundam MK-II titans ver. with a hint of that SRW mech that gigantic red one i forgot the name
LRX-066 i like the design out of that the most… 😛 if it came out in model i definitely get it
its I-Field Launcher seems way too over-powered for some reason

Comment by Ereos

I wonder why SRW hotnews bought this up? (even though we heard of it, but why now?)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Ah, the mono-eye gundam! if you pay attention than you’ll realize they have similar design with the first GAT-X its because the Strike & friends are actually meant for this game, but Kunio Okawara took the design for Seed, anyway for those who want to try Sisquede you can get this unit in G Gen Seed by combining Sandrock & Gazu-R

Comment by Rekkou

ouuu i never knew that….

Comment by Ereos

I played this game before
its a wonderswan color game
if i remember the the setting of the story is from UC 0079 – 0088
the game starts out with the main chara in ZEON for the OYW, then in 0080(fight againts ALEX), 0083, and the 0087/88 join up wif AEUG forces to steal the MkII and as well the LRX-077 Sisquiede

Comment by JustinH

if this is a old g generation game why it’s on the srw hotnews is mystery even for me or even c:v since he knows that game before srw hotnews was set up.

Comment by ReinaMK1

Mono-Eye gundam certainly old, but they just got reviewed in a newest magazine as a part of Game MSV that only reviewed the MS only appeared in a game

Comment by Rekkou

nice, very nice. this makes these “gundams” even more unique. just got to get used with the monoeye though.

hope they make a series with these. that will definitely freak out codename:v. lets face it, you won’t please the guy with anything other than the rx-78. or worse, you won’t p;lease him with any gundam that HE didn’t design.

Comment by flamerounin

that will certainly surely surprise me if this part g generation story became a series

Comment by ReinaMK1

Monoeye Gundams is quite old now and about as non-canon as you can get, why are the bothering with it in any way, shape, or form? They’re not selling any models out of the affair, so what gives?

Comment by J-Lead

It’s a SwanCrystal game actually. Ahh SwanCrystal, how I wish they’d re-release you with a backlit screen to do Compact 3 justice.

Comment by Alex Gundam

Oops, Wonderswan Color OR Crystal.

Comment by Alex Gundam

They’re also in G Generation DS. Sieg was a bad ass in it.

Comment by AirMaster

codename:v stop impersonating me.

Comment by codename:v

My Zakudam design is 5 years old…!57110DB35573F2A8!4483.entry

Comment by yunamon

Did those guys took my design? XD

Comment by yunamon

Sorry, but your Zakudam is not even similar to Nise Gundam and Nise Gundam made arround 90’s while Mono-Eye Gundam is made even before seed started airing on Japan

Comment by Rekkou

Haha, this reminds me of the SD Gundam episode with Nise Gundam. I think that was his name. Poor little guy, all he wanted was a friend…

Comment by D-kun

hmmmm, with what Ereos said made me think..

What makes a Mobile Suit a Gundam?

Back on the UC, gundams used to be designations for some Anaheim units sold to the EF/AEUG/Rondo Bell. The name was given because of their design V fin, red chin.

But these days whatever Bandai says is a Gundam will be a Gundam, so who are we to complain..

Comment by DeadlySyn

@ DeadlySyn:
old days gundam story, only protagonist has the gundam, whatever it takes. like AEUG has it from stealing from TITANS.

Comment by Anonymous

I think that the main thing that differentiates Gundams from mobile suits is the “Gimmick”. If you think about it, almost all of the Gundam series have one. For 0079, it’s the Luna-titanium material and Beam-based weapons. In G Gunam it was the use of the Gundam Fighter style-cockpit. In SEED it’s the use of Phase Shift armor along with being the first units to really use Beam weaponry.

But hey, that’s what I think.

Comment by D-kun

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