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Gundam Ace Magazine (September)
July 22, 2009, 11:14 pm
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SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam 1/144 – October, 10,890 yen


HGUC Khatriya – September, 4,725 yen


HGUC FA RX-78-7 Gundam 7th unit – September, 1,575 yen


MG Guntank – September, 4,725 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam The Plot to Assassinate Gihren manga



Gundam Senki


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SHCM Pro Unicorn is 10,890 yen huh…that is about the price of a Soul Of Chogokin but at 1/144 that’s pretty damn high. Khatriya HGUC looks decent though. MG Guntank to finish Project V off in the form of MGs though!

Comment by F97 X-1

That first comic scan under “Gundam Senki” isn’t what you say it is. It’s actually from the “Plot to Assassinate Gihren” manga. 😛

Comment by Deacon Blues

Well, Deacon’s right there. Only Zeons kill Zeons in Gihren Assassination plot.

For something as small as SCHCM-Pro, the Unicorn sure is overpriced with it’s highly articulate changable parts and better limbs. Does that means there will be a MG Unicorn ver2.0? Here we go again, Bandai’s spam race.

Dom cold district-type is such a lame reinterpretation of Katoki’s Dom Cannon, what’s the point of attaching a bazzoka to its back when the recoils would pull them fall in snow? Truth is, Okawara must find his groove back to catch up with today’s mecha design trends.

Isn’t this a bit too early for HGUC FA 7th Gundam? The 7th Gundam should come as a complete package together with the heaviest form after this, unless Bandai decided to scrap that old Okawara’s HWS form. Then again, what about the 6th Gundam Madrock? That’s a cool design as well and so far, I’ve only see Katoki’s GFF version.

Bandai’s fishery season is here again.

Comment by codename:v

Plot to Assassinate Gihren? Did Valkyrie do good in Japan or something? (They do love their Germans, and they do love Tom Cruise…)

Comment by J-Lead

Nah, they’ve always toyed with the idea… they even have the old school not to MS ERA in the manga. It’s quite an interesting manga, and I’m itching to see how it’s going to end.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Err… old school nod.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Any chance of a translation, or do you have enough projects on your hands?

Comment by J-Lead

I started translating it a long time ago. I’m not adding many more projects on, if any other than the three on my blog. I’m slowly getting out of this business. I’ll probably end up summarizing it though.

Comment by Deacon Blues

No Info on the Unicorn Animation, i guess we’re going to have to wait in till the Gundam Big Expo in August.

Comment by Socom

zomg! four has boobs

Comment by Wookieman

is that FOUR????

Comment by ottoto

I want a hi-res and large size scans of that Four pics!

Comment by Anonymous

The Four pic is old, and there are a few pics like there out there actually…

Official illustrations like that used to be on a bunch of Gundam sites out there… Though they all seem to be gone now.

Comment by ROY

FA-RX-78-7 doesn’t seems to be cast off capable unlike nu HWS

Comment by Rekkou

HGUC Khatriya – September, 4,725 yen

damn thats alot for a 1/144
but what it height??
it must be damn big then?

Comment by Ereos

It looks a bit like Quin Mantha… and IIRC, Quin Mantha was pretty big. Or maybe the price is in it’s shoulders.

Comment by Anonymous

What is up with the nude Four?

Comment by glemtvapen

MG Guntank… FUCK YEA!

Comment by Anonymous

I wonder how’ll end Gihren’s assassination… oh wait, he didn’t die in MSG until Kycilia pulled the trigger…

Comment by Anonymous

I’m also wondering what’s up with the nude Four. As awesome as that is, I’m wondering why it was drawn and if there is any more. Why is it even on that magazine page? It is official artwork, right? Who drew it? And if anyone knows where I can find that and other official nude pictures in full quality, then please tell me!

But I still don’t understand the significance of that picture. But yeah, please tell me where to find that and others in full quality! Thanks! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@Ereos: The Kshatriya is 22 or so meters tall, at the head, making it quite tall for a HG kit. However, most of that price is indeed in the binders.

Comment by Hiro

@KamenRider – That particular pic is on the Sankaku Complex channel. Its an official illustration by Hiroyuki Kitazume. There’s another (more famous) Four illustration from Yoshikazu Yasuhiko like that too… No idea why they decided to draw Four in her birthday suit but they are out there.

Comment by ROY

Ah, that’s awesome, thanks! You made me really happy! But so will Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen, when I watch it today! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

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